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house deeds state....

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happened upon my deeds while rooting about in our files today so had a look to see what it said about livestock...it says


"no animals allowed except recognised domestic pets"


wonder, god forbid, should anyone complain, could I plead that my 4 chickens were "recognised domestic pets"?


Pretty non-specific clause isn't it!

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I'd register them at your vets as exotic Pets. Vet bills won't be any more, in some cases there cheaper because they're not registered as livestock. That should sort the deeds out.


I did that ages ago, I felt silly telling the receptionist their names and having to spell them out! :)

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our deeds state no pigeons or poultry, :roll: it also states no commercial vans, no caravans or boats on driveways....they've all been broken in our cul-de-sac so im not worried about it at all.


If someone complained, I would ask if they'd rather I got rid of my chickens and put a bullock or pig in the garden (because it doesnt state that I cant! :D ).

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My deeds have in the schedule of Restrictive Covenants "Only one house shall be built on each plot and no works manufacture or trade other than the business of Poultry Farmer shall be carried on......" 8) . I can legally be a Poultry Farmer in my little, built up corner of Kent. It also says elsewhere that I am permitted "the erection thereon of temporary buildings to be used in connection with such Poultry Farms" :wink:


So, any of you with concerns about your deeds can I just tell you that my house is on the market, big garden and unlimited chickens allowed. You can't afford to miss it :roll::lol::lol::lol::lol:

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