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Red Sky in the Morning.......

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and here too, freezing cold as well! Had to break the ice on their water and DH had only put it out a cple of hours earlier.


Everything is covered in a banket of frost.

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The big girls water hopper was frozen solid this morning - the glug just had a thin layer of ice. I had to s"Ooops, word censored!"e my car for the 1st time last night! I'd been to my parents & when I came to go home, my car was all sparkly, glittery white in ice!!! If it's like that tonight, I'm lighting my fire & cuddling up tight to my hubby! :wink:

I'm sure one morning, I'll let the chickens out still wrapped in my duvet!!!! :lol: No nice sky round here this morning.



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How does the saying go?


Red sky in morning no Global Warming, red sky at night Al Gore was right.






I think this one was a Jasper Carrot joke....



Red sky at night, shepherds delight, sheep die by morning, Global Warming



Not very nice really but was the first ever saying I had heard about red skies




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