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yippeeeeeeeeee, I have a chicken on my kneeeeeeeeee!

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that's Maud on my knee and she's so bold. She jumps up on the bench straight away. If she sees me in the conservatory she jumps onto the arm of the bench and taps on the window! :D


The next one up was Fatima but the other 2, who were in the worst condition, are still too nervous to be handled but they don't get left out, they get some corn too! :)

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Yey, at last! Now they've got the idea prepared to be mobbed!


Today I nearly lost a finger (ouch!) and have trodden on a little foot! All because I had the food bowl in my hand. I am going to go face first over the top of them soon. That'd make a good photo!!

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thanks everyone, I thought I'd better get them on side soon as I was going on a bit about it! :lol::oops:


Lovely pics.


You will be clipping wings, pushing back prolapses, flushing impacted crops and running a "Hen Party" for Omlet before you know it.



:shock: zikes!




What have you got growing in your little greenhouse thingy?


well, that's DH's domain so I'm not entirely sure. I know the grass on the bottom shelf was originally for the girls but that was when we thought we weren't going to let them out of their run. It's grown too long for them now anyway.


I think he has some herbs and vegetable seedlings going on in there, but I just leave him to it.


This is our first year of growing our own so can't wait til he hands me over some produce and I'll turn it into something fabulous in the kitchen! I love making jam!



He's got a little allotment arrangement at the end of the garden and he's got redcurrants, blackcurrants, blackberry, raspberry, strawberry plants/bushes dotted around (netted off so the chooks can't get at them) - in the raised bed I think he has onions, spring onions, garlic, turnips, broad beans, there's some rhubarb in a corner somewhere and can't remember what else- we also have 3 dwarf apple trees, a pear tree and a plum tree - plus 4 chickens! Amazing what you can fit into a small garden when you put your mind to it :D

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thanks everyone, very sweet comments :)


I couldn't have got to this stage without all your help though. You've given us advice about run construction, type of bedding to use, advice on food, tonics and additives, behavioural/medical advice and advice about treats to tempt them! :)


They're loving the mixed corn. Egg production was a little erratic until we started giving them corn in the evening and also adding ACV to the water. Now we're back to 4 a day. I know hybrids are bred to lay, lay, lay but there were some days when we weren't getting any eggs, then sometimes 2 or 3 eggs then none again.


I assume we're doing something right!? They seem happy and Mariana and Shalott we're legging it round the garden at high speed today after digging up worms, with Maud and Fatima in hot pursuit trying to steal their bounty!


When I think where they've come from, it's amazing to see them behaving so 'chickeny' Long may it continue :)

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