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Bad Year/Good Year

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One of Andrew's (One Man Banned) posts prompted me to post this


I have just been told the job I was interviewed for I have got. :D


It has been a very bad time at work the past 2 years, first of all we had to go through pay modernisation. Which is supposed to put everyone doing the same job on the same money. A lot of people have lost thousands of pounds and one person I know received 2 letters, one saying her pay had gone up one saying it had gone down.


At the same time we had the bombshell of being told all our posts were being made redundant and we would all have to apply for our own jobs, which is the job I have got :? A lot of people weren't so successful :(


I also lost my dad a few weeks ago. He had been ill for a while. He had recently got back together with my mum, they divorced when I was 15. He had been living in Spain for a long time and came over for a visit and took my mum out for the day and they decided to give it another go. I am so glad they were together again when he passed away


I will now count my blessings. I have a wonderful OH and the best children in the world. They are to me anyway :wink:


I have a job I look forward to going to (now) We are all healthy and have a very comfortable life. If not a bit too hectic at times. We do have lots of adventures :D


I want for nothing, well a bigger garden for more chooks maybe :wink:


So all in all I am very happy and look forward to a Merry (hic) :oops: Christmas and a Happy NEW Year

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Thanks for sharing this Debs and so sorry sorry to hear about your dad. Yes we count our blessings and I can vouch for your adventures :lol:


Well done on the job front Debs




We've had a worrying year with my dad diagnosed with a tumour but he's been amazing and we've been strong and supportive to each other. Surgery has been carried out and they and we believe he is now clear. :D This Christmas is special.



I've got a fab hubby and babies, good friends, we don't want for much apart from that bit of land (sure it's on it's way) and life is kind to us :D


Happy new year to us all :D


BBx :D

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Sorry for your loss Debs, & best wishes to all your family.


My year has been pretty good.

The business is in good shape & we have plenty of work on the books.

We have got a few new things this year which we have been meaning to get for ages - new bed & mattress for us, house redecorated, Car etc

We also had a great holiday in Kos.


My Mum is now in a care home much nearer to us up here, & I have just today got the go ahead to look after her finances,which has been a long hard slog to try to sort. no one would sign it over to me without her say so, but she isn't capable of making a decision like that.Its been a nightmare



Girls are happy & healthy & growing up to be independant,smart & lovely young women :D


Couldn't ask for more,really


Oh, & I got lots of new hens too :wink:

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So sorry to hear about your Dad, Debs. I'm glad he got to be with your Mum again at the end though. Congratulations on the job :D !


Buffs, this Christmas IS special for you all and I hope you enjoy every minute :D .


We've had a very good year but fortunately most years are. Tom did wonderfully well in his GCSEs this summer and is happy in the sixth form doing his A levels now. Ollie, for the first time in his school life is enjoying school and has a bunch of good friends to help him over the trauma of years of bullying at primary school which he's never really recovered from. He's positive now though and that's marvellous. LSH is his usual wonderful self and we celebrated 20 very happy years of marriage this year. I've got 4 new hens too! OK so I'm still not getting a single egg but hey, there's still plenty of time :lol: .


Looking forward to Christmas and the new year. I wonder whether 2008 will bring us that lottery win :wink: ? If not, we're blissfully happy here. We've got a cosy little house and grow what we can in the garden and allotment. What more could we want :wink: .

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Been a bit of a roller coaster year for us, many ups and downs. OH's brain tumour removed and that was the start of the problems. Lots of visits to hospital etc. Lots of very down days for him. 4 months off work with him asleep on the sofa due to the surgery. My back went and had 7 weeks off! :roll:


NOW, Life is back on track, OH is much better, house is wonderful (even though it still leaks :roll: ) work is fine and we are happy!!! :wink:


Veggie garden is coming along nicely, so is the 'posh' garden. Still lots to do, but love being out there working on the borders! Holidays planned for next year as I never realised how important they were to my sanity!


Best bit of 2007, OH is ok and we have MORE chickens (not sure i mentioned that in another thread)? :wink::wink:


Sorry to hear about your dad Debs, best wishes to you all.

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Thank you everyone for your good wishes


I'm glad it is a positive post, that was what I was hoping for


I have positive plans for next year,


a change of job (less hours, I want to be at home a bit more for the children, they are growing up fast and I don't want to miss out on them)


Growing more veg, the weather this year was awful


At least 2 more chooks (i envy Cinnamons blue eggs) :D


More home cooking/baking/preserving. I want a big freezer in our shed so I can do a load of batch cooking


More weekends doing things as a family. We have had a few trips out recently just to local museums. We really enjoyed them and they were free


Saving money - for our bigger garden, in a few years time

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Well done on the job Debs, it's good to know all the uncertainty is over and you can actually focus on doing the job, not wondering if you still have one.


It's been a tough year for us, we've lost a lot of friends this year and with the weather and life in general it's been tough, and pretty adventureous too :D


There are a lot of positives for us, we were lucky not to be living in a caravan on the drive for starters, I packed up the horrid job at Hertz so have had plenty of time now to get settled and back into a "normal" routine, not got a proper job sorted yet which is longer than I'd hoped but I know that there are a few possibilities coming up (that I won't jinx by talking about them :P)


New Year, New Job, New Challenges - and I will face them all head on I can tell you :lol:


Its too easy to focus on the negatives, but far nicer to dwell on the positive things that have happened or about to happen, I keep smiling through and somehow we all muddle through it in the end.


Happy Christmas and New Year everyone :D




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So sorry to hear about your dad Debs. You have such a lovely family and a supportive OH.


Phew, well, it's been a mixed year for us all I guess.


This one has been hard financially for Rosie and I, interest rates on mortgages have gone up, as has everything else, so lots of belt tightening. There have been other nasties - big bills for the van and feckless builders (still onto them). An emotional blip when things got too much and it all got to me




We're still healthy and happy - Rosie is doing brilliantly at school and is a year above where she should be and holding her own very well.


Phil is well too, although (as usual) could do with gettting his carcass out of bed in the morning and working harder :roll: (preferably so that he could support me!).


My folks are well too (but still like to moan about their health!) They are very fit and apart from the deafness and pottiness are fine.


My new role is working out well (waiting for my appraisal later) and I've been doing some paid work for Phil when time allows.


We really ought to count our blessings more, it's hard when things get you down, but I try to be a 'half full' person. My lovely forum friends are the best!

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I agree that Christmas' can be hard when you're thinking about who isn't there. My 98 yr old grandad is in for surgery tomorrow to have a lump removed which would have caused him a lot of pain if he didn't have the op. We're really hoping he will be able to be with us at Christmas


This year has been a real rollercoaster. DH is in sales and lost his voice. He couldn't really use it properly for months until it was better with the aid of a lovely speach therapist. We had just moved house in 2006 and set up our own business, so it was pretty scary (big mortgage and no money!)


He's totally better now though and the business is going really well. We're both really busy. I've moved into the office during the day and have my own computerso I can do a lot to help in the business. I'm a paid employee for the first time in years which is really fab (I had to retire from teaching because of M.E)


The chickens have added a brilliant new dimension to our lives and are looking forward to getting some eggs :lol:


Children are doing really well at school, and although the school think our son my be autistic, he's being a little superstar.

My daughter got laughed at in assembly when she sang a solo aged 6 and has refused to do anything infront of anyone other than close family since then. She volunteered for one of the main roles in the school play :shock:

and was fabulous.


anyway. I'll stop wittering. A very good year for us :D

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What a lovely thread :D . I'm a great believer in trying to accentuate the positive and looking for the silver lining................sometimes I think that's the only thing that keeps me sane :wink:


Debs, though, first thing I wanted to add my sympathies on the loss of your Dad. Sad news :( . Good to be able to look back at happy times and positive memories of time shared with him.


My year has had it's ups and downs, a few crises here and there, but on the whole it's been a positive year and I know that I am blessed with 2 brilliant children (OK, they do drive to distraction sometimes............but isn't that what teenagers are meant to do :roll: ) but they're good kids at heart, I'm very proud of them and I love them with every fibre of my being. Hubby's pretty good too, and we clocked up 21 years together this year, but we've managed to keep the romance alive :D . I have some great friends, several made on this brilliant forum, and more made by way of the forum in it's role in introducing me to the BHWT and the wonderful Essex team of helpers :D:D . So thanks to all of you for your friendship............it's great to "chat" to you 8)

In fact I know I've had teeth gnashing, feeling desperate, shouting and screaming moments this year, but right now I struggle to hink what they were about, so can't have been that important then :wink:


Next year, well, as most of you already know I've got a lot of changes next year. I'm looking forward to my new life, but there is a lot of trepidation there, so I only hope that I'm up to the challenge and that we're able to carve out a fabulous new life for ourselves :D .

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Hope all of your dreams and wishes come true in 2008. And sorry to hear about your Dad Debs. :(


my year -

Even though my life isnt completely perfect im not going to be down, I feel life is what I make it and after seeing that awful documentary on a Bulgarian orphanage a month ago (which really affected me) my outlook on life is not to whinge/moan/worry (which I do all of these! :roll: ) as I have no worries compared to those poor children.


hopes for 2008 - lose weight, get fit, do more for charity, have happy and healthy family/pets and maybe actually have a real human baby instead of a fluffy one :lol:

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hopes for 2008 - lose weight, get fit, do more for charity, have happy and healthy family/pets and maybe actually have a real human baby instead of a fluffy one :lol:


Way to go Chelsea :D


PS Thanks for your kind wishes by the way

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