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Can I use washing up liquid to clean the eglu?

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Ok I'm going to get wrapped up warm take a sponge and bucket of hot water outside and go for it!

I'll have one eye out for my monster of a cat as well,just in case. He would love a chicken dinner.

Unfortunately I don't have a jet washer. I might have a look on Ebay,in the New Year,if I find I am desperate for one though.

Its jsut we have no spare cash at the minute. The eglu and chcikens are my Christmas presssies this year,which is marvelous. But you can't wrap them up can you?

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:!: Beware using a pressure washer. The first time I used one resulted in the eglu lid taking in water. The water is impossible to drain without drilling small holes at the lowest point of the lid. Other members have had the same problem.

But having said that, it's great on the rest of the eglu and particularly the roosting bars.

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Thanks for all your advice.

It was a doddle,just a load of poo in the tray and a little bit on the roosting bars.

Afterwards,myself and the birds frolicked in the garden for three hours.I loved it!

I'm not sure whats happening to me.No really, I daren't leave them on their own,so instead chose to feeze outside while they were out of the run,enjoying themselves.

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