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Martin B


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I have just negotiated the tenancy of an orchard on a farm in a neighbouring village. They specifically want bees to be kept on the orchard and I was more than happy to oblige. I am all booked in for a beekeeping course in January through to mid April on Wednesday nights.


I am hoping to get the bees on the orchard in April so that they have the whole season ahead of them! :D


The orchard contains 25-30 apple trees, about 10 pear trees, a further 10 damson/plum trees and it is also full of blackberry, raspberry and elderberry bushes. I am also hoping for a good supply of fruit aswell. The orchard is inbetween hundreds of acres of oilseed rape fields aswell.


I am so excited!!!!! :D:D:D




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Congratulationas Martin, it sounds fabulous!


You will be soooooo busy next year, right through to the end of Autumn. There are so many wonderful ways to preserve the harvest. Don't forget things like flavoured vodka.


Best of luck with your new endeavour, and I look forward to reading about it.

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Congratulations Martin!!!! :D


You're going to have sooooooooooooo much fun with Rape Honey :shock::?


We'll see you on the course....... 8)


Do you know where you will get your bees from yet? - if not, drop an email to Mike and tell him you'll be needing some in April - there was a waiting list this year for a nuc. of bees........... and start saving for a hive......... :wink:

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It may be too late once the course has started - that's what happened at the Warwick and Leamington one this year.


We're doing it as a refresher course - and we've now joined Stratford Beekeepers as we had no help in the end from W&L - we were supposed to have a mentor :roll::?


We bought our hive locally - I'll send you details......

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W&L - we were supposed to have a mentor :roll::?



I've been told I will have a mentor when I join up. I need to work out how much I need to save. I have a figure in my head which I will not disclose on the forum which should include everything. It's not cheap, so it better be worth it! :D

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I'm very interested in this as 5 years ago we planted around the same amount of fruit trees and also 250 blueberry bushes, do you know the reasons they requested to keep the bees in the orchard. Also I'm assuming that the orchard has grass around the trees, have you got any ideas on keeping the grass neat? Ideally I'd like to graze sheep under the fruit trees but I need to convince my OH as he's not keen on animals or bees!.




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