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Benazir Bhutto Assassinated

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It was only a matter of time I'm afraid.


What a shame.


She was interviewed earlier today and she admitted that she had made mistakes earlier in her career when she was young and hot headed. She hoped that she would be forgiven and be allowed to continue her work.


How sad that she should be murdered just a short time later.


I dread to imagine what will happen now.

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Egluntine wrote:


Was she killed for who she was or what she stood for?


I'm thinking a bit of both. She stood for moderation and democracy which really ticked off the fundamentalists, she was also popular in the western world and would treat with them in a very reasonable way. Pakistan was supposed to be having free democratic elections in the new year, goodness knows what will happen now :(:(



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I'm sorry, you wouldn't expect me to be anything other than cynical would you?


this lady was PM twice. And was chucked out for being corrupt (or maybe I am mistaken.


the Bhutto family are steeped in politics and ...


Politics in this country is notoriously corrupt (allegedly) {so no difference to the UK then ..}.


Reminds me of the Freakonomics story that said that street corner crack dealers accepted the low money and chance of death because if they made it to the top the rewards were fantastic.


Could I perhaps suggest that the post of PM gives them so much prestige, power and money that any risk is worth running?

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I can't understand why she didn't use a "Popemobile" type vehicle.


I saw her interviewed on the telly and she said they had arranged for jamming devices to prevent roadside bombs etc, so they were clearly anticipating trouble.


Surely they can't have ruled out the possibility that she might be shot. :?

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