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Guest revnev

it's nice outside :-)

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having new dog means I'm out most mornings with her - and have been round the fishing lake most mornings. I have started taking the camera with me cos it is so beautiful in the morning in different weathers....












sunny (like today)










the last bullrush:





and my favourite visitor:





and the reason for it all:





what a wonderful world.....



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Ahhh, yes - completely agree. I often think to myself when im out with the dog and the birds are tweeting and im breathing in the fresh air how "great it is to be alive" :D .


Wonderful pics, I love the top one the best - very fairytale/romantic piccy! :D


nothing better than crunching in the leaves in yer wellies!!

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8) Some of the best moments are when walking the dog - I see all sorts of wildlife and nature at its best when out with Tori. The other day Lesley posted about the bright moon - and I was walking at dusk, just looking at the most spectacular moon - really defined. :D .


Great pics - and fab pooch too.

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And lovely hound 8) Sounds like she's keeping you fit! :lol:




Ask him how many times he's used the new gel saddle he got for his bike so he could keep fit by cycling Snowy...




:shock::lol: Not comfy enough eh? :wink:


they dont work for my and my giant bum, I have to take extra padding when we go cycling!!! :lol:

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