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The Dogmother

Happy new year

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Does anybody else get a "feeling" when it's new year?

It's a bit hard to explain but I have just cleaned out the girls & thought "that's the last clean for this year" and I've had an egg from each of them (Buzz laid hers while I was watching her- but I missed the final moment as I was messing with the netting :oops: ) and I thought that's the last eggs for this year....


Claret your picture is so true- nothing changes in this world just because the date does.

Do you remember all the hype over the millenium? I thought the Dome was a complete waste of public money- any sane government would have built new hospitals or something equally useful instead of squandering all that money on a daft project. It seemed at the time that the whole world was competing to show who had built the best millenium monument :roll: and I don't think that any or many were useful in the long run.


I'm off to church tonight, we have a fantastic party & the back hall will be packed to the rafters. We play daft games like musical kness & musical bus, & it can get quite competitive! We have hot pot about 9pm ,then some quieter games & a watchnight service leading up to midnight. I'm not good at staying up late, so I'll come home with Ethan after the food, but I'm sure Alexander will manage to stay till the end with Stuart.


Happy New Year everyone :D

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I don't do New Year - it's just the way that cartoon shows it.


I'll be in bed by 10 and at Ikea at 9.30 tomorrow - when its not too busy cos people have stayed up late and partied. Mad fools.


Bah Humbug.

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Happy New Year all :D


I'm another suffering the effects of a stinking cold, we're off to a 70s party tonight and I swear I've never felt less like partying in all my life :( . But there'll be a good crowd of friends there, the hosts are always incredibly generous with their catering, so I'll dose myself up with paracetamol, and hopefully I can keep going.


At the risk of sounding boring because I know that at the moment every other sentence includes our move.............it's just that it's always right at the front of my mind these days and it seems to be colouring every action that I make. BUT.........2008 is going to be a biggie for me, a year of massive change and new challenges for us. Scary and exciting and everything all rolled into one. 2008 will definitely not be the same for me :wink:

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I hope you feel better soon Kate


Have a great night at your party, sounds fantastic


This time next year you will already have celebrated the new year


Not sure if you want to be reminded of that or not :oops:


Anyway have a nice stiff drink, get dressed up to the nines and have a fab night


We are off up the road for a BBQ with some of Dans relatives

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When I was younger we always went to The Tron in Edinburgh for New Year - now I can't imagine anything worse - wall to wall heaving bodies, everybody trying to snog everyone else and, usually, rubbish weather. Then a walk home (no taxis) and a hangover. Oh, happy days :roll: .


Now, we've got one friend, whose wife is working, coming round for a curry and a keg of beer he brought round earlier (needs to settle apparently :? ). May nip up the hill to see the fireworks but it's forecast rain.


I've certainly really enjoyed the 4 months since I've discovered chickens and this forum - thanks for all your company :lol:



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