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Omlet English Dictionary - feel free to add new ones!

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A is for:


"ACV" = apple cider vinegar (sugg. Jules.)


"addiction" = ~ Yankee Candles ~


"alektorophobia" = fear of chickens (what? :shock: ) (attr. Bronze)

~ if you suffer from this you really shouldn't be on here :wink: ~


"alektorophilia" = love of chickens (attr. Bronze)

~ if you suffer from this you've come to the right place but there isn't a website - don't think it's even a real word :shock: ~


"alektorophile" = someone who loves chickens (apparently non-existent :roll: word, not any more it isn't :wink: ) (attr. Gallina)


"allowed" = a curious and archaic word used occasionally by Omleteers with reference to partners' and aged parents' attitude to the Omleteer's reasonable desire to own a few more chickens. (see also "henvious") (org. unknown; not in common usage) (sugg. Egluntine)


"ample boobage" = someone with large breasts (attr. Claret)


"anti-chicken" = a person who doesn't like chickens (who may also suffer from "alektorophobia" (see above) (attr. Penguinmad)


B is for:


"Baby Gro chicken" = a chicken which has been boned as per Alison's dispatching courses. (attr. various Omleteers)


"beek" = bee keepers (sugg. Jules.)


"Bingo Day" = a day when you get a full house of eggs ie. all your chickens lay (sugg. Space Chick) [also known as a Full House - sugg. Mostin)]


"bleeuuuurrgh!" = expression of disgust eg for under-cooked eggs (attr. Lesley)


"blonky" = the feeling of one's hens' full crops (attr. Hen Huggers R Us)


"Bob-Bobs" = alternative name for chickens (attr. Louisewomble's son!)


"bok-aaaaarkkk!!" = the sound emitted by a triumphant chook who's just laid an egg and wants the whole neighbourhood (even the anti-chicken (see anti-chicken) neighbours) to know it! (sugg. Mrs Bertie)


"bok bok" = sound of alarm made by chickens (sugg. Tessa the Duchess)


"brekidge" = term for making porridge for breakfast for the girls (attr. Hennymom)


"bukkarp!" = angry cluck (sugg. Holly Foxfighter, age 10)


"bunting cup-cake" = a bit over-the-top & twee (sugg. Jules.)


"burbling" = the art of talking meaningless drivel to the chooks whilst pretending to work in the garden (attr. Daph & Marj's Owner)


"bwuk" = cluck (sugg. Holly Foxfighter, age 10)


C is for:


"CCTV" = chicken coop television as in hencam (attr. Hennymom)


"capacious" = usually used to describe the large pants worn by SuperKate (attr. Kate)


"cheep" = another way of spelling "cheap" (attr. Alma)


"chicken maths" = where 3 means 4, 4 means 5, 5 means 6 and so on......in relation to the true number of chickens we will collect when going to purchase them (attr. Hillfamily)


"Chicken of Fate" = any hen which appears unexpectedly on your doorstep for whatever reason (sugg. Kate)


"chicken-widow / widower" = someone who used to be married/living with/ partner to a sane person until they started keeping chickens and now never hears from them / sees them unless they are talking about all things foul (attr. Mrs Bertie)


"chickenalia" = all things chicken, normally for human rather than chicken use (attr. Bronze)


"Chickenitis" = the unstoppable urge to increase a flock of chickens once chook keeping has commenced.

No known cure :lol: (attr. chuckmum6)


"chicrocs" = invented by Feemcg for chicks with curly toes



"Chicken Advice Bureau" = a place (or person) where people can come and get information about keeping chickens (attr. Poet)


(courtesy of Fred)


"chicken-chat" = to talk (in person) to fellow Omleteers all about our lovely girls & eglu (attr. Jules)


"chicken fever" = when you can't sleep for thinking of chickens, your whole day is dominated by thinking of chickens and your life as you knew it is generally taken over by all things chicken. Normally suffered by soon-to-be chicken keepers but as there is no known cure, symptoms may persist! (attr. Emma&Louie)


"chicken poo shoes" = footwear dedicated to the purpose of visiting the girls in their run (attr. Scooby)


"chicken-sitting" or "Hen Holidays" = having your chooks cared for whilst you're away yourself on holiday (sugg. Jules.)


"chicken stoop" = bad back due to too much poo picking! (attr. Hen Huggers R Us)


"chook" = chicken (sugg. Holly Foxfighter, age 10)


"CHOOKakabra" = coz my chickens look like they wanna eat me (sugg. RosemarysBaby)


"chookery" = the art of creating edible goodies with home-laid eggs (attr. Isabelle aged 6, daughter of Pedro1962)


"chook-fest" = what happens when a person keen on chickens happens upon a shop which stocks chickenalia and has a credit card about their person (attr. Mrs Bertie) (not to be confused with "chok-fest" - see below)


"chock-fest" = a term for eating lots of chocolate (attr. Jules H)


"choockanalia" = memories of chickens (sugg. Holly Foxfighter)


"chuck" = noise a chick makes when it's about 7 weeks old, cross between a cheep and a cluck (sugg. LuckyChickenLover)


"chuckchat" = eg: going for a, when one of us feels the urge to visit the forum. Also the triumphant cry of, upon hearing the email notifier appear (attr. Hen Huggers R Us)


"chuntering" = chicken speak in Norfolk (attr. Bronze)


"clever crocs" = a talented Omleteer (sugg. Daph & Marj's owner)


"cloggies" = alternative garden footwear worn by Omleteers who don't like Crocs (sugg. Hen Huggers R Us)


"cluckian" = to describe the sound of the hens (sugg. Ardene5)


"crocfusion" = trying to decide which pair of Crocs to wear with which outfit (attr. Cinnamon)


"cold as a nun's knickers'" = very, very, very cold (attr. Claret)


"compre-hen-sive" = no definition needed! (attr. Claret)


"corn back in" = using corn to bribe chickens back into their run (attr. DebsL's OH)


"corn o'clock" = the time of day by which if you don't go out to your girls with some sort of treat, then they come and knock on your door and demand it (attr. Mostin)


"cube bum" = an excessively spreading backside caused by too much time sat in front of the computer (see also "eglu bum") (attr. Kate)


"cubist" = owner or advocate of Cubes (attr. jackiepoppies)


"curtsy" = another word for the little crouch thing the girls do when they have started laying (sugg. Couperwife)


D is for:


"dance" = 'this foot, that foot, step back & peck' - the dance done by chickens when they are scratching for tasty morsels on the ground (attr. Craftyhunnypie)


"dimpsey" = the "not light, but not quite dark" time of day (attr. Chelsea, sugg. Couperwife)


"droolworthy" = description of any food that looks/smells good enough to eat; can also be used in descriptions of Sean Bean (see "Sean Bean") (attr. Kate)


"droolygooeyumptious" = any sweets that don't get left behind in the tin (attr. Crafthunnypie)


"dilly dance" = the actions of a chicken when it sees its mummy/daddy and think it's going to get a treat (attr. Poet)


E is for:


"The Edvard Munch Look" = the face your chicken pulls when emitting the broody scream (sugg. Scrambled


"egg" = used as a substitution for "ex" in an amusing manner (but only to Omleteers) in words such as "eggsperience", "eggsactly", "eggstravaganza" (sugg. Ain't "Ooops, word censored!"ody Here)


"eggcited" = see Eggstatic


"egger " = someone who collects eggs (attr. Holly Foxfighter, age 10)


"egg dance"' = ungainly leaping and whooping when finding one's first egg (orig. unknown; suggested by Tessa the Duchess)


"eggeek" = any chicken owner who obsessively weighs, dates and records every egg in a spreadsheet (attr. ANH)


"eggict" = person who favours the Omlet site above all others (attr. Jackiepoppies)


"egglay" = another name for a nesting box (attr. Holly Foxfighter, age 10)


"eggstatic" = an emotion experienced by hen mummies upon seeing that a hen has laid her first egg (sugg. LuckyChickenLover)


"eggstravaganza" = an Omlet gathering! (sugg. Hennymom)


"eglu" = word used whenever the word "igloo" is required, due to inability of Omleteers to say "igloo" (attr. Ain't "Ooops, word censored!"ody Here)


"eglu bum" = a spreading backside caused by too much time sat in front of the computer (see also "cube bum") (attr. Kate)


"eglooney" = someone who starts off with 1 Eglu,but then starts collecting them (attr. Cinnamon)


"eglumaniac" = Lesley!


"Empty Nest Syndrome" = when you no longer have any hens :( (attr. GooseyLucy)


"ex-batts" = battery hens that have been freed to have a long & happy retirement (attr. Jules H)


F is for:


"face furniture" = words to describe the comb & wattles on poultry, when looking at photographs of an Omleteer's suspected cockeral (sugg. Jules)


"flabbage" = unwanted, excess poundage - direct result of "droolworthy" (attr. Lisa33)


"flappage" = that strange running/flying thing they do when trying to beat the rest of the flock to get to you, & the treats, first (not to be confused with "flabbage") (attr. Cinnamon)


"fettling" = to clean/tidy (attr. Egluntine)


"flexi-net freefall" = description of falling flat on one's face after getting ones foot caught in the flexible netting ........... usually with both hands full of chicken kit (attr. Smanners)


"flubenvetted" = stuff that has Flubenvet put on/in it (attr. Egluntine)


"fluffy flatfish" = a broody hen (attr. Gallina)


"fluffy knickers" = rear end of a hen esp. when in the air (orig. unknown; sugg. Tessa the Duchess)


(with apologies to Molly)


"Oh flump" = words to use when things go wrong (attr. Kate)


"flumping" = similar to "pancaking" - when a broody collapses onto the run floor after you've turfed her out of the nestbox (sugg. Meezers)


"forumite" (or "Omlet forumite") = persons who frequent the Omlet online forum (attr. Bexiboo)


"foul" = what they leave on your patio, grass, paved area for you to step in (not to be confused with "fowl") (attr. Mrs Bertie)


"fox" = evil, bushy-tailed mammal that lurks in gardens and pounces on innocent, unsuspecting girlies (see also "bok bok" & "Monsieur Reynard") (attr. Ain't "Ooops, word censored!"ody Here)


"Fred" = the hub of all computer knowledge (sugg. Fred)


G is for:


"gip" - to retch, make you sick (attr. the Herd123)


"girls", "girlies", "ladies" = an affectionate way of referring to one's chickens (sugg. Jules H)


"golden stick of love" = corn on the cob (attr. Holly Foxfighter, age 10)


"goldfish legs" = chicken legs (orange and scaly) (sugg. LuckyChickenLover)


"goldfish brain" = Omleteers who can't remember what they had for breakfast, usually female Omleteers of a 'certain' age (attr. Tessa the Duchess)


"gribblies" = the stuff you find still stuck to your patio after the girls have finished eating "garden life" ! (attr. Laura & CTB) (see also "snot")


H is for:


"Happy Henniversary" = a phrase said when celebrating the date of the arrival of new hens (attr. Egluntine)


"Hen Party" = chicken keeping course for beginners or advanced (sugg. Jules.)


"hen swamp" = a very wet garden in 2008 (attr. Ardene5)


"hengazing" = yet another way to waste time watching chickens (attr. Egluntine; sugg. Jules)


"henians" = mad about hens (sugg. Ardene5)


"henine" = a flock of the hens (sugg. Ardene5)


"HENlightened" = when you finally realise what your girls are asking you for..... (attr. Hennymom)


"henmania" = what the hens suffer from when they hear the kitchen door open at treat time (attr. Cinnamon)


"henocide" = method of despatching hens :shock: (happily not attr. but sugg. Treekeeper - from another site :anxious: )


"henopause" = when a hen has stopped laying and goes into retirement (attr. Egluntine)


"hensomnia" = suffered by thousands of Omleteers as "just one more post before bedtime" kicks in (attr. Hen Huggers R Us)


"henternity leave" = annual leave taken from work to settle your new chicks/chooks into their new home (sugg. Tigerlily)


"hentertainment" = the art of wasting hours watching hens enjoy themselves (attr. Abbey Road Girl)


"HENthusiastic" = what we are about chickens & also a forum member's name! (sugg. Jules)


"henvasion" = what happens if you leave your back door open - a kitchen full of chickens (attr. Kate)


"henvious" = how you feel when another Omleteer is 'allowed' (see "allowed") to get more chickens or someone builds a really cool run (attr. Tessa the Duchess)


"Home-Hatched (or H-H )" = Chicks that have been hatched from eggs by Omleteers, using either a broody hen or an incubator (attr. Jules)


"hybrids" = for those ladies who don't fit into the Orpingtons or Pekins category (see "Orpingtons" and "Pekins")(attr. Lesley)


I is for:


"ick", "icky" = unwanted contents of nestbox, ie anything that doesn't resemble an egg (attr. Newlaidegg)


J is for:


"a Janty" = an affectionate phrase for a super-sized WIR (attr. Plum)


"John Lewis steamer" = small household appliance purchased in great numbers by numerous Omleteers (see "Omleteers") on the say so of one Omleteer in the mistaken belief that they will use it to clean their houses top to bottom (attr. Bronze)


K is for:


"kayak chickens" = clever girls who know where to shelter in the wet & to play or roost in the dry (attr. Ardene5)


"Kenwood Chef" = all singing all dancing electrical kitchen super mixer. Owned by some Omleteers & aspired to by all the others (sugg. Jules H)


"kippy tired" = a technical term to describe cats that are exhausted after a whole day sleeping (attr. JooJoo)


L is for:


"LSH" = long suffering husband/partner/wife of a chicken keeper. One continually subjected to demands for more chickens, crocs, chickenalia, a steam cleaner, more eglus/cubes, a pressure washer, raised beds, an allotment, more land, a smallholding .... (sugg. Snowey Howells, attr. Kate)


"Ladies and Gentlemen" = form of entertainment (!) for which there are no tickets or payment hopefully :shock: (attr. Rhapsody)


"lady parts" = the nether regions of a chicken where the egg comes from (sugg. Poet)


"lapdance" = see "tapdance"


"laptop legs" = an adjectival phrase to describe the indentations produced in the tops of ones legs as a result of sitting with the laptop on bare legs for too long whilst on the forum (attr. AnnieP)


"lash" = a bit of gubbins occasionally expelled from the laying tackle which looks like a bit of cooked chicken or an eraser (described by Egluntine; suggested by GooseyLucy)

  • Photos courtesy of DucktorWho (caution advised :vom: )
a lash - front
a lash - back

"Little Tikes play house for chickens" = name for the cube given by Jules' friend


"lunch lurkers" = what chickens turn into upon sight of a carried plate


M is for:


"MacDonalds" = chicken torture centre! (sugg. Holly Foxfighter, age 10)


"magpie chook" = chickens that have a taste for shiny things, for example, expensive diamond earrings and painted toenails (sugg. LuckyChickenLover)


"mammoths" = furry crocs for winter chicken keepers (attr. Penguinmad)


"Mods" = Moderators, friendly volunteers who keep the forum running, and do a great job with little thanks (sugg. Fred)


"Monsieur Reynard" = a fox (see also "fox") (attr. Egluntine)


"Mothership" = Omlet HQ (attr. Claret )


"mudflaps" = the fluffy feathers covering sweet girly ears (attr. Hen Huggers R Us)


N is for:


"numpty" = what you can call yourself if you do something daft (sugg. Jules H)


O is for:


"O.C.D" = Omlet Compulsive Disorder (attr. Scramble); alternatively Obsessive Chicken Disorder (attr. Plum)


"O.C.C.A.D." = ObsessiveCompulsiveChickenAcquisitionDisorder (attr. Louisewomble


"Omlet Effect (The)" = when one Omleteer starts a craze for buying certain household or other objects (not necessarily chickenalia) such as steam cleaners, crocs etc. Usually causes the various product websites to crash. (attr. Jules)


"Omlet meet" = a gathering of Omleteers & their friends & family (usually involves lots of cake) (sugg. Jules H)


"Omlet Power" = where Omleteers use their collective numbers to vote for other Omleteers or their families en masse in online polls (sugg. Jules)


"Omleteer" = a member of the Omlet forum (sugg. Jules H) and keeper of hens, usually but not exclusively, in an Eglu (sugg. Egluntine)


"Omleteers headlite" = small head gear light to allow work with hens or omlet to continue after dark (sugg. Ardene5)


"Omletians" = a lot of Omlet owners (sugg. Ardene5)


"Omletstock" = a social crafting type get-together (attr. Omletina Kyckling)


"Omletsville" = the place upon which we all reside; a higher plane of enlightenment for both us and our chooks - where we all want to be (attr. FarmerJules)


"Orpingtons" = term for a well-endowed woman (see also "Pekins" and "hybrids") (attr. Theherd123/Buffie; sugg. Bronze)


"oven-ready" = the appearance of a chicken whilst moulting its feathers, or an ex-batt immediately after being rescued (sugg. Jules)


P is for:


"pancaking" = when a hen flattens herself and spreads out like pancake to cover her many imaginary eggs (see also "flumping") (sugg. Meezers)


"pants" = rubbish (not to be confused with "Superpants", which is the opposite!) (sugg. Claret) (see also "Simon" - alternative definition)


"Pekins" = term for a less well-endowed woman (see also "Orpingtons" and "hybrids") (attr. Theherd123/Buffie; sugg. Bronze)


"piffyfied" = silly / daft, not as it should be (attr. Craftyhunnypie)


"pile of pants" = really, really rubbish (attr. AMO); also known as "big pile of poo" if you live in Scooby's house :wink:


"poo" - most commonly used word in the Omlet English Dictionary (attr. everyone)


"poo-pick" = the act of (commonly) daily refreshing the eglu & run (attr. Jules H)


"poo-picker" = someone who performs the poo-pick (attr. Holly Foxfighter, age 10)


"poo snooker" = the practice of using a small cane to poke poo from the roosting bars into the poo tray (attr. Chickenopolis)


"poo soup" = Omleteers' home made plant fertilizer (orig. SarahJo; attr. Tessa the Duchess)


"poop deck" = alternative name for droppings board or poo tray (attr. Hennymom)


"proacher" = a large, unidentified creepy-crawly, moving rapidly and requiring immediate attention - indoor proachers are usually sighted running towards anyone sitting or lying on the floor, provoking loud shrieks of alarm; outdoor proachers are inevitably hotly pursued by excited chickens (attr. Nicky, son of friend of Daph & Marj's Owner!)


"proper Omlet" = what you are when you've mastered the art of putting little chicken pictures in your signature! (attr. MikeJones; sugg. Plum)


"pyrochooks" = chickens that are not scared of fireworks (attr. Fred)


Q is for:


"quails" = see Martin for how to care for them (or prepare them for lunch) (sugg. Penguinmad)


R is for:


"raised bed" = something Omleteers climb into gratefully at midnight after a hard day on the forum (orig. unknown)


"rake rustling" = same past time, different garden implement (see also "spade surfing") (attr. Hen Huggers R Us)


"re charged hens"- ex batts (attr caro72)


"rootling and tootling" = hens pottering around in their run (attr. Quiltyhen)


"run clip thumb"= the reddening of the thumb after assembling an Eglu run using zillions of sharp edged run clips (attr. Redwing)


"Russian egg" = an egg within another egg 8) (attr. PeterS)


S is for:


"Sean Bean" = object of droolworthiness (see "droolworthy")



"scrambling" = what you do to get to the garden quickly when you realise your mother has only put 3 chooks out of 4 back in the run before letting the dogs out and you've just seen the remaining one 'fly' past the window with a dog tail in hot pursuit (attr. Chichi) (not to be confused with what one does with eggs!)


"Simon" = him of the swoonworthy bottom (see also "pants") (sugg. Claret)



"slug slime" = a non-entity after the arrival of chickens (attr. Hen Huggers R Us)


"snail squish" = what is expected by lazy girls who won't open the shells themselves (attr. Hen Huggers R Us)


"snot" = the stuff you find still stuck to your patio after the girls have finished eating "garden life" ! (attr. Claret) (see also "gribblies")


"softy" = an egg which has no hard shell, just a shell membrane (sugg. Jules.)


"spade surfing" = what the girls do when one is digging in the garden (attr. Hen Huggers R Us)


"spreading the eggy love" = giving away your chickens' eggs (attr. Yolky)


"squiffy" = when you feel ugh (see "ugh") (attr. Craftyhunnypie)


"squooshing" = the way that some (very good) omleteers hand wash their clothes (sugg. Couperwife, attr. Tessa the Duchess)


"stampede" = what happens when the girls see the maggot box come out of the shed. Also can be what happens every morning upon hearing the conservatory door opening (attr. Hen Huggers R Us)


"starfish feet" = descriptive term for chicken feet (attr. Kate)



"stickyfied" alt. "stickified" = to make a piece of useful info readily available and visible at the top of the forum section permanently (attr. Kate; sugg. Egluntine)


"Superpants" - Adminstrator of the forum (sugg. Fred, attr. Lesley)



T is for:


"tapdance" = the crouching dance that hens do when you approach them (attr. Kate) (see also "lapdance")


"technonumpty" = person left behind by technology (attr. Kate)


"tenner" = eg: the dropping of, code word used for the curry poos left in the garden (attr. Hen Huggers R Us)


"to Tesco"= exploiting hens for their own ends (attr. Kathy C)


"Tony" = an affectionate term used by many Omleteers for an "Aviaries for You" WIR :D .

As in " I've got a Tony! (sugg. Jules)


"Treat-away" = When the ladies get bored looking for their own food and come and call for treats (sugg. Emily95)


"triplets" = a triple yolker (attr. Jules)


"tub trug" = a very useful plastic bucketwhich comes in lots of different colours (commomly used by Omleteers for gardening & has a million different uses) (sugg. Jules H)


"twins" = another name for a double-yolker egg (attr. Peanut12's four-year-old!) (sugg. Jules)


"twonk" = a wally (attr. Craftyhunnypie)


U is for:


"ugh" = horrid/not nice/gross (attr. Craftyhunnypie)


"unbelievable" = the speed at which chickens vacuum up treats (attr. Penguinmad)


"unnards" = the sort of fluffy bit on the underside of the chicken and top of the legs as in "Ooh, look, Megan is wading in the pond up to her unnards" or "Blodwyn has got mucky unnards" (sugg. docsquid)


"untechnonumpty" = person who is very familar with technology (attr. Fred)


V is for:


"V.A.P -> Value Added Pets" = chickens are value added pets because as well as being the best pets ever, they lay yummy eggs! (attr. Emily95)


"vacuum" = description of chickens' ability to consume treats faster than you can say "bok bok" (attr. Penguinmad)


"Vampire Slayer" = more accurate name for Poultry Shield (attr. Hen Huggers R Us)


"victorious/victory" = the feeling felt when having successfully convinced the other half of the need for more chickens/another eglu (attr. Bronze)


"vomiting, projectile" = being able to vomit from the bath, into the toilet (suffered by Couperwife; * sugg. by Fred)


W is for:


"WIR" or "Walk-in Run" = something which many Omleteers aspire to (sugg. Jules)


"walking in the dark trying to avoid a coffee table" = describing how she walks in the garden trying to avoid treading on a chicken (attr. Couperwife)


"WannaBees" !bee!!bee! = people who go on bee keeping courses (attr. Olly)


"weapons grade halitosis" = description of Claret's old lurcher's breath (attr. Claret)


"winky" = what the vent does after a successful deposit (attr. Hen Huggers R Us)


"Worm Wrangling" = tug of war adopted by hen with unsuspecting wriggler (attr. Hen Huggers R Us)


X is for:


"x-rated" = thoughts had by girly (presumably!) Omleteers whenever Simon's pants modelling is mentioned (see also "Simon" and "pants") (sugg. Penguinmad)


"xylanthrax" = what we omleteers use to BBQ our veggie kebabs in the summer (attr. Penguinmad) ~ and for those who have no idea what she's on about ~


Y is for:


"Yankee candle" = strange predilection for certain Omleteers to buy ~ these ~ (attr. Bronze) (see also "addiction")


"yay" = a cheerful term indicating happiness and approval, in common usage by Omleteers (org. unknown; attr. Fairy & Cake; sugg. Egluntine)


"yellow poo" = source of anxiety to new chicken owners (otherwise known as curry poo, korma poo) (sugg. Snowey Howells) (see also: "poo")


Z is for:


"zoo" = see Martin (sugg. Penguinmad)


* cruelly`

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what about all the 'regional dialects' for a chicken talking. Here I say chuntering.


My last springer spaniel used to "chunter" (especially when food was involved!). Can I add "rootling and tootling" which is how I describe the girls pottering around in their run.



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Crocfusion - trying to decide which pair of Crocs to wear with which outfit.


Henmania - What the hens suffer from when they hear the kitchen door open at treat time.


Flappage - That strange running/flying thing they do when trying to beat the rest of the flock to get to you,& the treats,first.

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