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Comfort food

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I have already had my dinner tonight but I am making a big pan of pea and ham soup for Baden and Mum-in-law who is looking after him tomorrow (urchin doesn't start back at school until Wednesday).


I couldn't resist a bowl even though I know that it's piggy.


I've always loved p&h soup. It's warming and always brings a smile to my face.


What do other people like to eat as comfort food?

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I boil up a gammon shank in a huge stock pot until the meat falls off the bone. I put enough water in to cover the shank and top up the water as necessary. Then I take the meat, bones etc out of the stock, cut up all the meat and return it to pot with a 500g packet of dried yellow split peas, 1 kg carrots, peeled and sliced, three onions and four largish leeks. I then add pepper to taste. It doesn't need salt as the shank is often quite salty.


If the shank is very salty, then when it first comes to the boil, drain the water off and then fill the pot up again and reboil.


It is yummy served with fresh bread...the breadmaker is going on over night.

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Ligtherlife veggie soup


as comfort food


or is that only food....


If I'd eaten less comfort food in the first place I wouldn't have weighed 20 stone.

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OK its time I left this thread


I have a mash phobia


One look is usually all it takes to turn my stomach


Although I did make some for my Chookmas Pud. Mum was amazed!

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Boiled egg chopped up in a dish with a k"Ooops, word censored!" of butter - from my childhood! 8)




My OH from Scotland calls it egg in a cup! I thought he made it up!!


I love stew and real suet dumplings or anything with gravy! :drool::drool:


Or jacket potato with butter, sour cream and chives!!!!

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