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Hugh is on now!

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I'm still going but not for long I think.


My cats won't get any more ready cooked chickens that for sure.


Mind you I bought a £38 turkey for Christmas and they got most of that - rest is frozen for them.


Glad I'm a veggie.

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oh hughy!!!


what a programme!!! Hes got some guts !

Made me cry though when the chicks had to be killed :(

\then i cried even more when Hugh cried.

The Irish guy, John!!! Ive got some pics of us together somewhere, absolute Legend!!!! Hes alot more gorgeous in real life too. #


He helps Hugh at River Cottage now.


ANyway. Cant wait to watch tomorrows episode.


Im going to call his PA tomorrow and organise another trip down, ross wants some info on raising pigs :roll:

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