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feeling very tired

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i dont know whats got into me, i feel soooo tired all the time. Im not sure if its because its winter?


I feel so tired in the afternoons. especially between 2.30-3.30.


I was also thinking about getting a Lumi lamp because im finding it so hard to get up .


any ideas???

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:? That mid afternoon time is probably when your natural bio rhythms are at their lowest.

I used to work in a bank and the doors shut at 3.30, I just wanted to go to sleep, not cash up, but a bit later I'd be fine again.

It's the natural peaks & troughs of our bodies and it's best to work with them if we can.


But, I have the answer....you mentioned before only having 5 hours sleep at night, yet you probably need nearer 8! Certainly less than a regular 6/7 may be taking it's toll.


I'd think about those 2 factors before considering about other solutions. Also, You've been working extra hard as well as being Mom. Also, looking at computer screens can be more draining than we'd imagine.


Best wishes, catch up on a normal, regular sleep pattern first if you can & see if you notice a difference.

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I know that you are really busy, but just ten minutes spent with your eyes closed can recharge your batteries really well. It is hard to do when you have a little one and the temptation to actually fall asleep and stay for more than ten minutes is huge, but really that is all it takes.


Also I have a Phillips wake-up light which hubby bought me for Christmas and that wakes me up by coming on gradually for half an hour before the alarm goes off. I think that it is helping because I am no where near as fed up as I normally am in January despite how dark it has been.


Never mind spring is coming :D

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I know how you feel Laura around that time of day. It's a real drag to boost yourself into action isn't it?


To be honest with you, I get that whether I've had 5 hours or 8 hours sleep during the night, it makes no difference.


Try to keep some energy snacks to hand - dried apricots, bananas (or any fruit to hand really), mixed nuts and raisens etc, they will give you a natural boost rather than the sugary alternative.


I also make lots of fresh juices with whatever I can find in the pantry or fridge - carrots, apples, cucumber - or a smootie if I have bananas and oranges in, and whatever else I can find.


I am really busy now I'm back at work, but once or twice a week I do go and have nap in the afternoon when Stefan does around 1pm, and It really refuels my batteries. I also try to have an early evening bath and go to bed around 8.30pm once or twice a week.


I find it really helps keep a balance between being a Mummy, being at work and keeping up with the chores around home. I'd be good for nothing if I didn't catch up on some sleep during my week.

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It's because you are up so late on the forum! :lol:


How do I know this....because I am usually there too. :oops:


The woman in your new avatar....isn't she an actress?


What made you choose that?



Its my fave actress, Sheila from Shameless, She reminds me SOOOO much of myself, a tad mad!


Does anyone watch Shameless? SHes not in this series! :(

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I often get a late pm slup as well, in fact I was snoozing when the daughters came home today :roll:


I was chatting to some girlfriends about this just the other week & we have realised that a lot of it is down to what we eat for lunch.

If I have a sandwich,or anything bready,it hits me hard a few hours later.

So I am trying to have healthy salads or soups, & it does seem to work.


I succumed to the white baguette today though :roll::lol:

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ooh you poor old things (I know less of the old), i see lots of mums at work who feel the same way, they get so tired & sometimes there are other reasons for it other than trying to be mom, wage earner head cook & bottle washer (sound familiar) some ladies get very anaemic & if you feel tired all the time for a long while it may be worth popping in to the surgery.


Otherwise a good night out often works, hope you feel more perky soon

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I've got a lumi lamp and the lumi alarm clock......this is the first winter that I've used them and they have really helped with overall tiredness. It's particularly glum at this time of year.........but then nature is still asleep.


I usually find that I'm tired around 3pm and have been know on a Saturday afternoon or the school hols to have a little nap............only need 20mins or so and then I wake feeling all refreshed. Definitely need them more in winter than summer :wink::D

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Not pregnant are you? ;)


I was going to ask that! :D But I'd forgotten about the anaemia thing, if you are (and it's very common after babies) don't do the iron tablets, oh the tummy ache, oh the nausea, (oh the constipation and black p** :oops: ) just eat lots (and I mean lots) of dark green vegetables, which I didn't find hard as they're my favourites anyway, make like Popeye, eat spinach.

But also don't drive yourself into the ground with the new business, and Seth, and your OH, that's a whole load for one person and somewhere in there you need, in fact you MUST, make time to recharge, otherwise running behind or late or not, it just won't happen. You're no good to anyone exhausted. Find a babysitter (who will take Seth out for an hour or two) and DO NOT DO THE HOUSEWORK! You must run a bath (even if it's 3 in the afternoon) have a glass of wine or cup of tea (caffeine free, it's lovely) then retire to your bed which you already put fresh sheets on earlier in the day. Then, you sleep. Then, you wake up and go right back to rushing around like a lunatic and the being refreshed bit lasts for all of half an hour, but at least you did it, and it will do you good.


In your busy hectic schedule you have to learn to write the word "me"


Here endeth the first lesson :lol::lol:


Mrs Bertie

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my doc said tiredness is a difficult one to pin down as it could be absolutely anything, I'm having to have a whole new raft of blood tests for my tiredness :roll: He calls patients presenting with tiredness, TATTy patients- Tired All The Time- nice! :oops:


Even if you're not aneamic by the way, get them to check your iron stores. I'm not aneamic but my body can't store iron so at times of stress (or during that time of the month) when I use up a lot of iron, I'm incredibly tired.


You do need to try and get more sleep though, 5 hours is nowhere near enough. If I sleep without an alarm, I sleep for 10 hours solid.


What you're eating can make a difference too, I hope you're not grabbing snacks as and when ;), plenty of fruit and veg will help.

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