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2 months on Ex batt pics

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I've had a request for some updated pics of the ex batts I collected on 17th November. So here they are. Bimble looks really good now and she was by far the baldest when we got them. She's just waiting for her tail feathers to reach their full potential. Here's the before and after pics.


Bumble is on the left. Bimble is on the right.






Bumble and Bimble's fluffy botty just in pic :lol:



Bamboozle 2 months ago




and now



As you can see Bamboozle really hasn't gained any feathers. Her botty is still bald. I have been watching them to see if I can see any pecking. Only once have I seen one of the little pekins having a go and that was when they were freeranging so Bamboozle could easily have gotten away if she wanted to. I've bought a Peck a block but they don't seem to have any interest so I'm going to get some anti pecking spray to see if it makes a difference. It's quite odd because Bamboozle is the biggest of all my hens :?

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I think she did - she was very impressed with Bimble and so was James, I don't think he quite understands the ex bat concept.


The anti chicken is looking forward to it even more now. She was a bit put off this morning by the BHWT newsletter - it said Jamie oliver had a heated chicken house for his, started her worrying that ours would be cold!!!!!!

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oh wow, you have done a fab job of getting them to full health :D


well done.


we are getting some ex-batts soon (when we get the run sorted out :D )


we will have to travel to get them as there arent any rescues near here. get to get to either Lincoln or cheshire I think :? - but im sure they are worth it :D


well done super chicken mummy :D




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