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Guest Poet

how cool is this!!!!!????

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...if you had different coloured eggs, you could place them according to colour. darkest at the bottom, lightest at the top (go,od grief i'm weird :lol::lol: )





very arty! :D

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It has something to do with the air sac floating to the top if you store them round end up, and displacing the yolk and causing it to stick to the inside of the shell, so when you crack the egg, the yolk will break.


Not life threatening, but inconvenient. :lol:


Really, will realign my eggs :) I do find that although my eggshells are

very hard, they do tend to shatter rather than crack when I break them, I am always having to fish bits of shell out :(



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Mel has something not dis-similar in her kitchen. Not the same though.



I think I know what you mean :? It isnt the same but is similar (I think...........) :lol:


On your windowsill by the sink....


....so (& Paul) can see it when he's chained there to do the washing up! :wink:


AH yes, but that'll be why Mel isn't so sure - (& Paul) gets to see it exclusively :lol:




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