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pancake topping

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Aaaaargh................it's tomorrow isn't it :wall:

I'd quite forgotten, and the children usually have pancakes for breakfast.........and I don't think I've got enough eggs (I hate buying them, they're simply not the same these days).


It's got to be sugar and lemon for me, daughter likes maple syrup, son likes nutella, hubby gets whatever's left :shock::oops::lol::lol::lol:

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:lol: lemon and sugar - it has to be!


I'm going to make potato pancakes for starters, I found a recipe in the Lakeland catalogue, with feta cheese and mint.


I wasn't going to bother with proper pancakes, not really worth it for one, but a friend is coming over so we'll have them. I am a bit useless at making them actually, so if I'm lucky she'll take over!

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DH has just come back from the supermarket with chocolate spread and maple syrup! :lol:


Asda didn't have any maple syrup left so he had to go to morrisons and they had none left either. Then he spotted a woman cooking pancakes in store and she'd just put a new bottle of maple syrup down so he grabbed it. She said "er excuse me, that's for demonstration purposes only" so he replied "there's none left on the shelves so there's no point demonstrating it" and walked off with the bottle in hand! :lol:


DH detests supermarkets as most of the time, they're so unhelpful, I think he was getting his own back ;)

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Tonight we are having pancakes with:-


Garlic & herb philadelphia & bacon

Banana & a little rum poured over


forest fruits (have some left over from meringues last night)

Lemon & sugar.


I have made a double quantity of batter!!! Yummy!


basic mix is:


100g plain flour

1 egg

250ml milk



I have doubled up everything above & have a lovely jug full! :roll:



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