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The Dogmother

Frozen in time

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We used to do that a few years back with Mark & Lards (Radio 1) Stop & Carry on! :lol: We'd go the pub, walk home, shout stop (freeze) then after a few minutes or even longer shout carry on & carry on walking! Real good fun! Might have to start doing that again!


Ooo I'd like to freeze for a few minutes at the airport next week - busy place, but people would look at us gone out!!! :lol:



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Hmm, it's a bit confusing if you don't have real broadband (I have half speed country bumpkins broadband :( ). I tried to watch it but it kept stopping and buffering so I couldn't tell when they were freezing!


But after it had finished downloading I could watch it properly. It must be really disconcerting to see this happen in real life. Although nowadays I suppose everyone knows to look for a hidden camera.



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