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I don't know what you mean by Sky+ -ing something.


I hate tech"Ooops, word censored!"abble when I don't understand it.


And I want a telly with proper buttons. I hate remote controls - you can never find them and by the time you've worked out what button to press the programme has already been going for ages and its not worth watching anymore.



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Argh i agree!


I went to watch something on the virgin recorded thing and had lost the remote, so sitting next to the box i found it, pressed enter.....


then it asked me for my TV code which is 4 digits!




SOOOO i had to spend ages looking for the remote. I think i threw it in the bin by accident [i know i did but hush!]


i havent watched Tv for a while.

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Just watched it. :?


That ark was a bit tatty....not at all predator proof, even the sleeping accommodation was open to the ground beneath the perches.......and chicken wire for goodness sake. :roll:


Omlet want to get on to the programme and offer them a discounted Eglu!

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It'll be good to follow this and see how the family get on choosing their coop, chickens etc. I'll probably forget to watch every week though :roll:



We've got digital TV so have highlighted the programme on the choices menu for next week.


Looks interesting.


Also the article on the GM feed was interesting. Organic feed isn't GM.

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