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Poll plastic or wooden roosting bars

Plastic or wooden roosting bars  

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  1. 1. Plastic or wooden roosting bars

    • Plastic Roosting Bars
    • Wooden Roosting Bars

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I'd love to try them - assuming they were ok for the chickens, of course. Cleaning the roosting bars is the one bit of Eglu/Cube cleaning that is a chore, although it's still not as bad as I'd imagined. I'm going to try the cooking-oil tip.


I do like the idea of colour-co-ordinated ones. Am I really that shallow? :lol:

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I would like to try plastic ones too, although I'm not sure if they would be ok for the chooks - my girls seem to find it quite difficult to grip properly on the plastic Cube ladder when they are going upstairs to bed, whereas they had no problems with a ladder made from wood, so I wonder if they would have difficulty with plastic roosting bars too.

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I got a 1 litre can of the clear stuff Claire, it's very gloopy (think of Cow Gum from school), and you need to paint on two coats, using a disposable paint brush. I reckon that a one litre can would do two sets of bars if you coat them twice.


*** you must use it outside though - the fumes are VERY strong :?

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:shock: £15, I think the chicken's like the plain old wooden ones at that price!!!!


I will wait for the plastic ones to come out!


£15 + £6.99 P&P, are you mad! :roll:


For the same money you could buy enough wood to make 4 or 5 sets of roosting bars!


Its not that hard to clean them, plus give the hens somthing natural.


What next Plastic hens :twisted:

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A complete newbie here, had cube and chickens for about a week.

I too have noticed that the ladies have trouble on the cube's plastic ladder.

I'm about to do my first proper clean of the roosting bars so am about to find out, I suspect, why people are plastidipping theirs.


Those who have plastidipped, are your chickens happy with the result? Does it make THAT much difference to the cleaning?


If the chickens had just one roosting bar, would they all use it?

I'm asking as I was thinking about perhaps having most of the bars plastic but one, or two, replaceable wooden ones for their comfort.

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