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You have taken the vision I had in my mind of the perfect run, and built it!


Hope you don't mind, but construction starts on an exact copy this week!

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It looks fabulous Laura, your Paul is definitely a star for building that :D But I do think it could be a teensy bit big for just 2 hens, I'm sure Henno & Nugget would like some more friends. And of course you've still got the run bit from the eglu, so that could serve brilliantly as an isolation/ introduction pen when you do get some more chickens. I really think you should go for it :wink:

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Wonderful hen run :D:D


However I must deliver the serious news that the run is far too big for 2 hens and there are a number of ailments, with long latin names, that will afflict them if they do not get some new companions very quickly.


Isn't it Mothering Sunday in a few days :wink:

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