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Baby names...

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Ok, with the impending arrival less than a fortnight away, we've been spending a lot of time pondering names for the baby. We have several names lined up, we just need to wait and see what the baby looks like when it arrives, but some are quite traditional, some more unusual, although, I can promise now that there will be no Fifi Trixibelle or other such names.


I'm undecided about wether to plump for a traditional name now, and risk there being another child in the class as it grows up with the same name, or to go for an more uncommon name, and risk the poor child spending a lifetime having to repeat his/her name, before spelling it, when they meet someone... :lol:

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oooh, I like the idea of an unusual name, something a bit different. I also like some of the traditional scottish names (hubby from scottish descent) so maybe you could find something between the two to suit you.


Good idea waiting to see when baby is born before deciding though, just have a list ready and decide then! :D

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I was so peeved :evil: when I had my first daughter almost nine years ago, I wanted a name that wasnt weird but wasnt common either, so I called her Mia, lo and behold the, at the time, very popular Kate Winslet went and called her sprogglet Mia too, so now there are lots of them.


I was one of about nine Sarahs in my class at secondary school and I hated it. I think something just a little out of the ordinary is better. But then my second daughter we had decided to name Amelia, chose her own name the moment she was born. Much to my annoyance it was the number 1 name for girls that year, Emily.


You always end up with silly nick names anyway, but I wont post them as my kids would kill me. :lol:



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I came to the conclusion that girls can 'carry' an unusual name whilst I was more nervous of giving my son something a bit different. I was tempted by Aaron and Zebulun but chose something very traditional.


And I think the whole name matters too. They have to sound right! Good luck Chookiehen!! :D

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i opted for old names, but ones that are not used alot. edward and harriet. i used to teach at a boys school and there were only 2 edwards out of 600. i did teach a class with 3 matthews and 3 williams once. now edward is at nursery and there are 19 children and 2 edwards.

i always said i loved charlotte and lilly as a girls name but they are so popular now. if we have another baby i think florence (after my great grandmother) or rupert.

my mother-in-law and OH wanted to call edward NEVIL DWAIN!!! :shock::shock: she still called him nevil when he was a few months old. :evil::evil:

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I prefer ageless and classless myself........but last time I mentioned this on the forum it was greeted with hoots of derision! :lol:


You can have ageless and classless and still be unusual though.


My best friend at school had a very unusual (and lovely) name ....her father was Belgian.....at least it stuck out a mile in Manchester in the 60's/70's. She absolutely hated it and longed to marry someone called Smith.

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You are right that girls can carry an unusual name better (mostly) than boys. My boys are all 'common' names. But I like Egluntine's idea of ageless and classless. There are some lovely girls names that have fallen out of common use. One little girl at nursery is called Hazel - she is the only one! One of the Mums at my toddler group has called her new baby girl Oceania :? Not too sure about that one though! And Siella (Mum made it up - it has no meaning, although I'd be worried it meant something in another language!) :lol:

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We opted (finally) for Eleanor Belle. Bell is a family name on my Mum's side but OH said we could only have it if we put the 'e' on the end. That was fine by me and it has worked out really well because she is beautiful (both outside and inside). :D


Good luck with the choosing it's not easy!!!!!!! and good luck with the baby. :D:D:D

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Can't believe it's only 2 weeks Chookie


Time has flown, although I bet it hasn't for you


The name Harry wasn't very popular when our Harry was born over 11 years ago, but now there are loads. Thank you JK Rowling :evil::wink:


I don't know of another Juliette though. When they used to have swimming lessons the swimming teacher said she had taught hundreds of children and had never come across another Juliette


Harry was going to be Oliver until he was born and then we changed it and Jules was going to be Lola, after another listen to the song we quickly changed our minds


I liked Poppy but Dan didn't :( although there are a few Poppys now) and I liked Jake, loads of those as well, Harry does have it as his middle name


When I was at school the common names were Phillip, Stephen, Paul, not many boys have those names now

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I was the only Olivia in my class at school ... nowadays it is a very popular name indeed! I still sometimes have to spell it or get odd spellings, but it's not such a hardship.


Go for something a little bit unusual for a girl - all my friends who have 'ordinary' names say they wish they were called something more exciting!

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Our list for girls names is far longer than our list of boys names! :lol::lol:


The more unusual names are all either old Scottish names or Welsh names, and I'm inclined to agree with Ginette that girls can carry an unusual name off better than a boy. It's such a difficult decision, naming a child - the poor thing could end up being saddled with a name that it grows to hate. I'm sure we didn;t have these problems naming the other three! :roll::lol:

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I have to say I like my name. There aren't many of us around. Can't bear it being shorted though.


I think that having a list of names is good, but you can't really decide until you see the baby.


(talking from experience with chickens here btw, no experience with children :wink: )


'Classic' names are always nice :D

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I chose fairly unusual names for both my boys and I'm really glad I did. At their prep school in London if you had stood in the playgound and yelled "Edward, William, Harry, Jack" you would have been run down by the entire school :lol:

In fact OH and were convinced that the Wandsworth Yummy Mummies picked their kid's names thus- for a boy opened 'Thomas the Tank Engine' and stuck a pin in a page (James, Edward, Douglas) and for a girl watched reruns of 'Upstairs Downstairs' and voila Victorian scullery maid (Flora, Molly, Tilly) :wink:

Its a minefield and very very personal- I refused to divulge my name choices before kids were born cos whatever you say people make this face :? but after the sprog actually has the name they are more polite about it. Weird but true.

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Christian, I've just noticed that two of my top choices for girls names appear in your list of chickens names.... :roll::roll::roll::lol::lol::lol:


I think Babs and Shirley are lovely names! :wink::lol:


I happened to be in a tennis club by accident on Saturday morning in rural Hamphire (don't ask :? ) when a very loud sloany type woman walked by and said "come along Barney, Tilly is getting very fed up".


It made me laugh as it was so stereotypical.


Seriously though naming is such a minefield.

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The theme amongst the "trendy" kids where I work seems to be countries :roll::roll: India, Peru Venice (No I know its not a country but its the same sort of idea!!) just off the top of my head. My son is a David and has nevere had anyone else in school with that name. My daughter was Rebecca because I wanted a welsh name ( coming from a welsh family) but OH said they didnt go with an Italian surname ( I wanted Bethan) She had 3 other Rebeccas in her year at primary school but there is no one else in her year at Secondary school so it has worked out OK. I really wanted to name her after my nan Keziah but wasnt brave enough - wish I'd done it now :(

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If i were you id go for a normal classic first name and a unusual second name.


Thats what we did with Seth. [ dont pick Seth though :lol: ]


his middle name is Libertine.


Seth Libertine , then he has 2 last names. Its a LONG name.


It took me AGES to decide on a name, but id wanted 'Seth' from the age of about 14.


This is the other list i had though, its still written down.



















were on our boys list.


If we have any more boys , they'll also be called Heath and Blake. Ive decided that.


I like one cyliable names.


Girls names were:


Top choice was Ophelia.


Then the rest followed....
















Might give you some ideas. [or not- most of them are usual.]

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a boy I grew up with (ok, he is not 36 :lol: ) called his daughter Lavender :D


I was the only Catherine at school :D


I teach a LOT of Toms :? in one class I have to give surnames for 5 (in one class :shock: ) we dont have any totally different names at school, but we do have 2 Skyes, and one Kennedy :D




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heres some of the names I love what I put on the royal baby thread a while back


I love all these names if/when I have children.


boys -















Girls -















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