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for a bit of fun !




my oh buys and sells a fair bit on ebay , i have got in the (rather annoying) habit of putting the buyers or sellers postcode into google-earth and try to see if they have a eglu !


i have not yet found one but have decided that if i ever do ..the buyer will receive a massive discount !


so this leads to the question ..can you google-earth your eglu and how many can you find ?


warning 1 ...the search becomes addictive


warning 2 ...DONT post any links to your finds ...internet safety and all that , many of you post your location in your posts or profiles ..if you post a link from google-earth its a map to your front door!!!

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I don't know when the google-earth pics were taken, but I'm sure it is before I had my eglu (only a year ago).


It would be fascinating to see one though! Those pics are amazing, you can see my house, greenhouse, the former owner's car in the drive, and even my neighbour's kids' trampoline.

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Ooh, they must have updated the ones for Cambridge - I can just about make out my eglu, but my garden's south-facing so the far end is in shadow. The photo pre-dates my raised beds, though, so I'm guessing from the condition of the garden that it's either summer 2006 or mid-spring 2007...

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I've been unable to see our house on google earth for ages, very poor resolution. Could just about make out that the pic was about 10 years old. The other week it suddenly changed - high res picture and only about 18 months old (unfortunately just before the eglu arrived!) Can clearly see the childrens paddling pool and swings and slide though! 8)

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Oh wow, the pictures on MSN maps are neat!!! And definitely newer than the ones on Google, for our area at least.

Can't see the eglu though, not so surprising as it's right near a wall and there are few trees hiding it from site...

Can see OH's cadillac in the drive though :D

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