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Do any of you rock your chickens like babies?

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Oh to be able to rock, sniff or even kiss my chickens!! :(


I'm taking things slowly and am still at the 'opening the egg-port door when they are supposed to be dozy and stroking their feathers' stage!! They don't exactly freak out now - they let me do it, grudgingly - whilst urgently cheaping at me. They don't cluck yet!!


All the lovely things I have to look forward to!! :D:D:D

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Of course!! Mine have all liked being rocked if in the mood, (apart from Ruby who generally hated all humans) and they shut there little eyes :) I can't say I make a point of sniffing them, but Daphne does have a very distinctive smell very different to Phoebe, and not unpleasant!!!

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It's a mum's perogative to rock anything that lands in your arms!!! :oops:

I still rock my little boy, and he's nearly 2 and a half! Guinea pig and chooks get the same treatment :D


Me too, I rock anything, including Rosie, who is now 10!


My girls love being rocked... well, most of them; some are a tad standoffish but most of them will happily be picked up and cuddled, some fly up into my arms, or onto my shoulder. Roxanne poos in pockets when I am holding her!


Happiness is cuddling a purring chicken 8):D

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My son and daughter carry mine around, and Son has a way of hypnotising them!!

He holds them in 1 arm and draws a line with his finger away from their beak across the top of the table a few times, and blow me; they nod off!!

no cruelty involved , just the hypno chicken!!

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