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Logging out

What do you do when you leave the forum?  

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  1. 1. What do you do when you leave the forum?

    • I log out properly with the 'log out' button
    • I don't use the 'log out' button

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Is there a best way to log out of the forum? Do you always press the log out button, or do you just close the window down or move onto another site?


I'm not getting notifications of new posts on topics I'm watching again, and I think it may be due to the way I log out. I hate it when this happens as I cant remember what conversations I was watching or taking part in last time!


And sometimes when I click on the 'view posts since your last visit' button, it comes up with nothing! And I can see thats not true! Drives me crazy!!! :evil:


Am I doing something wrong? Does this happen to you too?

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Hi Christine,


I never log out and just move from site to site. I have the world's longest and most complicated password so not having to log in all the time saves my diminishing brain matter from anything too taxing!


Sometimes the notify me of replies doesn't work for me either as I've got the "Problems logging in/registering" topics marked for notifications and I often don't receive them. I think it may be a glitch in the forum somewhere.

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I never log out of the forum, but then both the PCs I use are password protected just to get onto them. I always have prolems if I try to log onto the forum from another machine; it won't acept my username or password, so I always get onto it either by one of the emails or by a link I have saved

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Oh! So I'm not the only one not logging out properly!


You see now I havent had a notification since 3rd, & I looked on the 3rd. There have been loads of posts since then but the system didnt tell me! Its a real pain trying to remember where I was! :evil::evil::evil:

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Could be a technical glitch.

If I view posts, close down web browser and start it again I will lose the new post signs even if I haven't viewed them.

Are you clicking on "watch this topic for replies" at the bottom of the posts you are looking at? I don't think you wil get an email otherwise :?


On your profile have you clicked on "yes" for:

Always notify me of replies:

Sends an e-mail when someone replies to a topic you have posted in. This can be changed whenever you post.


I find I spend so much time on the forum I'll see replies a lot quicker than new emails :oops:

I only just realised this week that the topic with the newest reply is always at the top, so the thread will move up if people are replying to it :oops:

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