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Who posts the most?

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I am quite shocked when I see that I have posted over 300 messages since I joined the forum last July. But this is nothing when I see the number that other people have written.


Who posts the most? Obviously some people have been on the forum much longer than others and this affects the total number of messages. But for messages per month, I don't think you can beat our under-16s manager, who has posted 2,819 messages since joining on 6 March this year. (As it's half term, that number will probably have gone up by the time I send this.)


It is now 2 June, so if he posts just 181 messages in the next four days, he will have averaged a thousand messages per month in his first quarter!

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I am trying to resurect "itchy chin" for a new generation - Jules and Harry didn't have a clue what I was on about when I stroked my chin slowly and said "reaallllyyy believe" in a sarcastic voice the other day (when I didn't believe them about something)...





In South London we used to say chinny boo while scratching your chin :!::lol: Is that just a south London thing?

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Come on then Omleteers - how many of you have ever used the phrase "green beard" or "itchy chin" or "chinny boo" whilst stroking your imaginary facial hair (probably in the early 80s!)? :lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol:




Never said either of them, although, in my younger days, we would scratch our chins and say 'Aye, right then'

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:lol::lol: Of course, Martin.

Dan, as part of your study; I remember we used to stroke the chin, and just say Hmmmmmmmn! in a very disbelieving way, with a knowing look. This would have been late '70's/turn of '80's, St.Albans area.

I don't think we said anything about the chin or beard...we were obviously far too cool to say more than just Hmmmmmmn! 8)

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