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Migsy finally has new friends :)


The vet still hasn't done the post mortem on poor old Morag (they have the decorators in so it's a bit chaotic at the moment), but Migsy shows no sign of illness, which we've taken as a positive sign. However she's been so sad by herself, searching the garden for her friend and making little crooning sounds, that we felt that it was better to get some new chickens before she started pining too badly :(


Yesterday morning we dug out the untidy border at the end of the garden and built a smart bark run for the eglu - OH was surprised by how good it looks, and I swear the garden is bigger! In the afternoon we went to the Hen House Garden Company - the owner is a bit eccentric (as you'd expect of someone who spends all day with chickens!), but he proudly showed us around and it was nice to see all the birds living outdoors, mostly in the handsome arks he makes and sells :)


We bought two of his bantam pullets - one is just about POL and the other is three weeks younger - and brought them back to meet Migsy. I had already divided the run in half with a mesh panel so I could take the introductions slowly - Migsy wasn't too happy about a) being confined to half the run and b) having bark on the floor instead of grass, but there was no sign of aggression so at bedtime I removed the panel...


The bantams soon homed in on Migsy's Grub full of mash, whilst she investigated their pellets. Last night she slept in the eglu as normal, whilst the bantams snuggled together at the far end of the run - I didn't fancy trying to get them into the eglu in the dark, especially as they are very vocal when upset :shock:


All seems well this morning, so fingers crossed it stays that way!

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Aren't they just!


I think Migsy is coming into lay - her comb has turned a deep coral pink over the last week, she's started sitting down in the run and making slightly puzzled noises like she's getting unfamiliar sensations "down below", and yesterday when I went to stroke her back she squatted instead of running away :)

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