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What the most you have ever paid for a haircut?

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I have still not got over what I paid today to have my hair cut and coloured. £122 :shock::shock:


I usually have a girl who comes to my house to do it for £35 :) She's pregnant and ill with it :(


I desperately needed it doing so called a salon in town. They said they could squeeze me in.


I came out looking no different to my £35 haircut and colour:? How do people afford to go to the hairdressers :?::?:


I don't intend going again. Whats the most you have ever paid :?:

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I had my hair cut a couple of weeks ago it cost me £40 just for a cut and blow dry I dread to think how much a colour would cost I will stick with my grey bits for a while longer................. :lol: i have to say I only have my hair cut every 3 to 4 months not every 6 weeks like my hairdresser recommends.

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I paid £75 for a haircut in New York years ago, a very daft thing to do and I couldn't afford it!


My best friend 'Chrissie' cuts my hair and I have to sneak a cut with someone if I am not going to see him for a while or he doesn't have time to cut it. He does a lovely job but I had a trim recently and it looked ok but I could tell it wasn't cut properly it cost £25.00. He has cut it at the weekend and he said it was all chopped and bitty and he could rescue the shape ok but if I'd had another cut by her it would have had to be cut shorter to grow out the errors!!!! :shock::shock::shock:


lesson learnt!!! :wink:



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I've not been anywhere professional for about 10 years - do it myself with clippers. They broke halfway through the job last month so I ended up using the dog clippers :oops: . Funnily enough, the resultant hair cut looked better than normal :?



That is so funny!!!!!



I have my hair cut about every 4-6 months ive had the same hairdresser for 10 years+ but as he is based in the city centre i dont go as often as i should. :?


£122 :shock::shock::shock:

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:shock: £122! :shock:


I used to pay £20 for cut and highlights three times a year and £7 for cut only the rest of the time. I've just decided not to have highlights and revert to my natural 'rat' colour ( :( - don't know how long I'll last :( )


I have a hairdresser who comes to the house every 5 weeks. Before that, when I wasn't having highlights and had long hair, I used to go to the mens hairdressers - they don't go in for all that chat- just the cricket occasionally :lol:


I wouldn't set foot in a ladies hairdressers :evil:

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£50 every 5 weeks. Cut colour and blow.


My late mother in law once solemnly informed her sister that she was looking after my children because I had gone out to get a bl*w *** :!: This might be edited :!: She was renowned for her malapropisms but this was in the top 10 all time favourites.


The first time I went to my hairdresser she had a good look and then said "I like a challenge"!


I have been going to her for about ten years and I remind her about this regularly.

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I don't think I could say how much I spend on my hair a year


It is way over £800 as I have it cut every 4 weeks and coloured etc every 8-12 weeks. (colours are normally £70)


My salon is run by a great friend of joe and me, but the girl who looks after me is very creative and I kind of let her have free reign..... within reason,


so much so that I have been chosen to be a model for their next photo shoot and promotional material! wHo hOo!!


as for the freudian slip by the MIL - anyone have some Omlet pants spare - I nearly wet meself! :lol::lol:

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£11 :oops: . I always have a dry trim because it's cheaper and quicker and I hate going to the hairdressers - all that smalltalk - grrrr!


That's me too. I think mine might be £12 now for a dry cut. Like Chochick, I go twice a year, but this year I know it is now 12 months since I've been. I do my fringe myself and trim the ends if they get bad. It's only when it's really awful that I'll go.


Fortunately my girls all have long hair too, so they have theirs done twice a year. Imagine, if we all had 'a cut', we'd need to go every 6 weeks. 4 x £40 = £160. £160 8 times a year is £1280. I couldn't possibly afford that!


I must turn that the other way round - look how much money we save on hairdressing bills! Over £1000 a year! :D

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