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Richard and Jo

fox got Amber

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Came down stairs tonight at 8.15 to hear chickens making noise. I looked out and saw only three - thought Amber may be laying. As I went out I saw some white feathers and heard something in the bush. The fox jumped over the fence and I found Amber dead under the bush. At least I was there to stop the others getting done. Amber was our favourite - so friendly.

We decided to tell the kids the truth and let them say goodbye. Ben cried. Emily said Amber has gone to see Geri and Barbara and she is happy because she had a good life. She kept saying she thought she would be alright and I had to explain about dying.

Writing this is making me upset :cry:

Worst thing is the guy that lives behind us came round about 9 because he said he only realised recently we had chickens and he wanted to warn us he has seen the fox around quite a bit - a day too latefor Amber.

We dont know what to do about the others - dont want to leave them in the run all the time but worried now - our neighbours are on holiday so it is quieter than normal.


Do the fox repeller things really work? Do they affect dogs?

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Sorry to hear about Amber.


How dreadful for you all.


I have got a Fox Watch and so far so good.


Apparently it takes a couple of weeks for the fox to realise that he triggers the hideous noise (that we can't hear) and so he may still visit until he gets the idea and stays away. Can take up to 3 months.


Have kept the box and it says:


"Will also deter dogs from fouling your garden"


and "Will not affect deaf foxes".


Have a look at http://www.conceptresearch.co.uk/fox.htm


Good luck

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So sorry to hear that. We lost one to a fox a couple of months back and decided we couldn't let them free range again unless we were actually out there with them. We bought a fox watch, but I have no proof that it works of course. We also got a run converter and our three seem very happy and content in it all day.


Best wishes

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So very sorry to hear about Amber. What a horrible experience for you all. Thinking about you.


The more I hear the more I am convinced that a Foxwatch would be a wise investment.


Does anyone know if these can be used when you have cats in the garden? I would not want to distress my geriatric moggies.

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