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New Style Hen House

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Well it looks pretty but has no poo tray plus you could not blast it with the hose and dry it as quick as the eglu.They say change the stuff they lay on every 3 months l bet lt would smell then.I would have thought it was for some one that cared more for the eggs then the chickens living comfortable with out there own poo to live on.Or tho is pretty

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My first thought was "not grass clippings, NO!" as it does give them sour/impacted crop. You have to let them tear the stuff up.

Anyway, it is pretty isn't it! If I had a huge garden I'd be tempted to build something that looks a bit like that. It reminds me a lot of the duck houses you can buy, especially the floating ones. Complete "Ooops, word censored!" to clean properly though, but I imagine they're expecting you to spray it until run off with anti-mite stuff rather than clean it properly. I think they use those big sprayer packs more in america than we do over here. Bet it would smell though.

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According to the blurb:


The Henspa Gazebo is targeted at the refined customer who wants chickens but doesn't want his or her yard to appear to have a chicken coop present.


WTF :?:


A henhouse for people who want the chickens to look like they just accidentally strayed in from an nearby farm, perhaps? I can't see folks like that cleaning out a wooden coop - but probably they have (underpaid illegal immigrant) servants to do that for them :roll:




it may be customized to fit with the other buildings on your estate.


I assume that means "estate" as in "vast tracts of land" not as in "housing development" :lol:

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I agree. It was Omlet and the Eglu that got me into chickens - can't believe I'm up to 4 now, how did that happen? If it wasn't for the complete practicality of the Eglu I would not have had chickens. The house looks pretty as do many other that I've seen. However I can't see us putting them in a trailer and driving them for their holidays to my Mum and Dads like we do with the Eglu. :P

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