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Newsletter - featuring......ME!

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What a surprise, just read the newsletter and theres my Dustbath thread featured. I'd just like to thank..... my (dirty!) chickens, all my wonderful friends and family, my lovely neighbours, my local Hemcore suppliers and of course all you friendly, knowledgeable chicken folk without whom the thread would not have been possible! Thank you Omlet!

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I ought to post this in the recipe section too but I've noticed there's been a glitch with the Pumpkin Soup recipe I put onto the newsletter. For some reason, the half symbol has turned into a question mark! It should read


1 and a half pounds pumpkin flesh.....


1 and a half pints vegetable stock....


and you also need to "puree" the soup and not just pur at it :wink: .


Well done Famous Fee and everyone else who has appeared in the newsletter!!

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Thanks everyone. I loved the pic of the chicken on the sofa too - mine like the ironong board!

I do think they should have featured 'noeglu' though - all her brilliant efforts to save up for her eglu and finally getting one. Maybe the next issue with a nice pic (hint,hint!)

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:shock: Shona, is that safe? He might be adding his own secret ingredients when you're not looking..... " Infusion of Tigger".... :shock::lol::lol::lol::lol:




I may chuck that pot out then, and make another one. :lol:

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