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One Man Banned

One Man Banned Website is born!

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Most of you who were at the Omlet get-together and who are regular here know that I have been getting more and more into the singing side - and thanks to this forum my stage name has been found too!


A few weeks ago I really made an effort in sorting out a proper website that would let me do all I wanted it to - better than the "free" web pages I get from my ISP. That is another reason that I haven't been on here as often!


Yesterday I finally got round to posting up a site - still not finished just jet but will be properly on-line in December - I vowed to have a website by then


So - ladies and gentlemen, may I bring you to the One Man Banned Official Website




Thanks to everyone for all your support - when the site is totally running I hope to have pictures of you all on there - you've all been a wonderful support to me and the Omlet thing was just the start I needed.


I have already been asked to do some singing work (dates yet to be confirmed) and am looking into getting a show up together for my family to see (as they wre barred from the Omlet one!)


just a note (the comments section won't work yet as the web-mail server is doing silly things!)


Thanks again




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