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Totally Fed Up

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What a horrid day - just posting this here because I need a moan and you are a very sympathetic bunch :)

Got a phone call at work - husband and children been in car accident, so rushed home. Thankfully everyone is safe and sound, no damage done at all (but maybe a bit stiff tomorrow). Knowing that they are all OK, I can have a moan about my car - we LOVED that car. Only bought it 7 months ago, total bargain off ebay, top of the range Espace with every conceivable gadget and upgrade going. It took us round France in July, then Cornwall in August, and now it's a WRITE OFF thanks to an idiot security type truck driver who couldn't wait at a crossroads and pulled out straight in front of my husband. :evil::evil:

It is a blessing that they were in that car, rather than a smaller car as it could have been much worse - so the wonderful car saved them. But now I'm very sad as I don't think cars like that come along very often.

Very mixed emotions!


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Poor thing, glad your family is OK I was worried when I started reading your post. My precious first "new" car got driven into at a junction the other week, it's still being repaired.

Such a shame with all those memories, I'm sure you'll feel better about it though when you get over the shock.

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So glad you're family is safe - while I'm sure the car was lovely, in the great scheme of things, it was still just a thing to get you from A to B. It can be replaced.


Blumming security van drivers. :evil::evil::evil: Had the odd run-in with them myself - none as serious as this though.

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Be very British about it - have a cup of tea and everything will be alright (provided you have a great big piece of choccy cake with it) :wink:


Seriously though it is very annoying about your lovely car - such bad luck - but at least you recognise that the car is only an issue because you know your family are okay - there will be another nice car I'm sure.

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:shock: Wow, Snowy, :shock: so pleased that your family are ok - phew! :D


In the grand scheme of things, cars are great big lumps of metal. OK so this one was a particularly pretty big lump of metal but it served its purpose, you enjoyed it whilst you had it and it protected your loved ones when they needed it most....not bad going. :wink:


You are bound to have mixed emotions that's natural. But, you will hopefully be able to use insurance to get a new car and tomorrow when your family are complaining about being stiff you can thank your lucky stars (and your old car :wink: ) for them being there and being able to moan at all......


.....hope that you recover from news soon and feel better and your family aren't too achy. Nice relaxing bubble baths ahead for all I think!

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Hi all,

Thanks for all your kind words. Feeling better today - the brood are all fine, only hubby has a stiff neck but he's coping very well, not taken to his bed yet :roll:

It is such a relief that they are OK, and as you say, the car did it's job extremely well.

A pity we'd just spent £12 getting it washed and polished - it made a very clean wreck!! :doh:


:D:D:D:D At least we're all still smiling!!

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