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Coughs and Colds

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Help and advise needed please :D


I have had a cold and a cough now since September :shock::shock: which just won't go away :twisted: Finished a course of Antibiotics on Wednesday for an ear and throat infection.


Today the earache and sore throat have returned, the cold and cough are the same. I am feeling really run down and oh so fed up :(


I am fed up of sneezing and blowing my nose. Must be keeping kleenex in business. My nose is sore and my lips are chapped :(


Any remedies you can reccomend. I am trying to avoid Antibiotics again so soon. Feeling like I should take a few days off work.



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Oooh, you sound really run down...poor you. I would have thought the antibiotics would have shifted it?? :shock:


If it were me...I would definetly be off work :oops: ...even if its for a couple of days to recharge your batteries - catch up on your sleep etc.


Get plenty of fruit and vitamin C down you.


I dont think central heating helps with all these nasty germs about - so use natural warmth (blankets/duvets/hot water bottles) rather than whacking on the heating.


hope you are feeling more like you soon

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Poor you Ali. It is so miserable especially when it won't clear up.


I know you want to avoid the antibiotics but it sounds to me as if what you took hasn't completely zapped the problem. I would return to the doctor for further assessment.


In addition to that, some time off work is a very good idea. You need to give yourself time to recover and resting will help that. So will not talking!


Martin is right about the lemon juice. it is a natural antiseptic and therefore assists in fighting off the germs. I make hot water, lemon juice and honey. This is very soothing and honey is also a natural healer. Drink this as often as you wish.


Avoid coffee and alcohol as they both dry out the throat. Keep off all dairy products as they encourage mucus, which in turn encourages the cough! Lots of fruit and vegetables will maintain a good supply of vitamins and minerals. You might consider taking extra vitamin C and a lot of people are low in Zinc, so you might consider a zinc supplement too.


It's boring and takes time, but probably the best treatment is steam. A bowl of boiling water and a big towel over your head for 10 minutes 3 to 4 times a day. Steam will hydrate your throat, clear away any bugs and dilute the mucus so that your body can dispose of it more easily. At the same time it will give you a good and cheap facial!


Drink lots of water too as this also dilutes the mucus making it easier to wash away.


That's it for now Ali! If I think of anything else handy, I'll post again.


Oh, I just thought of something else already! SLEEP! Have early nights and make sleep a priority.


Good Luck!

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Ali, as well as all the good advice you have been given here,you must rest as much as you can to give your body the chance to fight off all these horrible things you have.


Just take it really slow for a few weeks,do your christmas & food shopping online if you can,delegate the housework,& take good care of yourself :D


Hope you feel better soon :D

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Thanks for the advise :D


I phoned in sick this morning and will have to contact my GP today as I feel really awful :( Woke up this morning to torrential rain and high winds again which helped with my decision to stay off work.


the cold started on the 22nd September (I know the date because it was the day we tried to break the record here for users online 8) I didn't make it to the end because I was not feeling well :roll: ) I don't know if it is the same virus :? or I am getting others one after the other :? I haven't passed it on to any of the family :?


I will try the hot lemon juice as I have lemons in the house. I have been steaming and eating plenty of veg and fruit rich in vitamin C. If I can summon up the energy I will go to the chemist for some echinacia (sp) and multi vitamins.


Chldren are away to school so I'm going to soak in a warm bubble bath and snuggle up on the sofa with a fleecey blanket and my own live hot water bottle (Archie) :D

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If it is a virus Ali then antibiotiucs won't work but the chances are youy also now have a secondary bacterial infection :?


These happen because your immune system is low so something else can come in and infect you :roll: If the antibiotics aren't working ask the doctor to get a sensitivity test done to check you are on the right tablets as that can make such a difference :shock: Sometimes the antibiotics you get given just aren't strong enough for a given bug and you may need a different one :evil:


Hope you are feeling better soon :cry:

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You could make like a chicken and try citricidal which is used for viruses by the French. If you look on the side of the omlet one it is actually meant for humans not chickens. I used it last time I had a cold. Warning it tastes bitter :shock: but worked similar to paracetamol I would say.


The time you've had one suggests it is not just a simple cold though. Does sound like the antibiotics may have put your immune system out of balance :? Maybe just staying under the duvet with hot drinks and not moving.I find (probiotic) yoghurt soothes my throat but it could just be the texture. :?


P.S. get well soon :D

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This may sound daft but I have actually eaten ice-cream when I have a raging sore throat. The cold helps soothe the throat and helps to reduce the inflammation (as the infection makes it hot and swollen).


Also another excuse not that one be needed to tuck into a tub of G&B Vanilla!


Everyone has pretty much summed up the advice thats best but sleep is probably the most important thing of all - i've vegged out in bed for a couple of days and the body has the chance to deal with it as all it's energy is going to fighting the bugs!


Do hope you feel better soon though - i was once admitted to hospital after having them endlessly for nearly six months one year and i really was exhausted - the only way it went was IV fluids antibiotics and bed rest! Did the trick though!




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This may sound daft but I have actually eaten ice-cream when I have a raging sore throat. The cold helps soothe the throat and helps to reduce the inflammation (as the infection makes it hot and swollen).


Reducing the inflammation is right but ice cream will encourage the production of more mucus. Gargling with soluble paracetemol is very effective. You can either swallow it or spit it out, it doesn't matter.


Apparently 80% of sore throats are only inflamed. Gargling with paracetemol reduces the inflammation and usually stops infection occurring.


But Ali, I really think you need to go back to the doctor as you clearly have an infection which needs treating. You don't want the infection going lower down - tonsillitis, pharyngitis, laryngitis, bronchitis, bronchiolitis. :shock: You don't want to go there!

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