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Martin B

What is on your wall?

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Shelves Martin...... stacked high with all manner of essential items that I simply couldn't live without :roll::oops::oops:

But. look at it this way, if I didn't take up the available wall space with my shelves hubby could use that space for a Charlton picture :shock:

Will you need to take down your Aston Villa poster to make space for your Guardian posters? A huge improvement in my opinion....... Aston Villa or poultry poster :think: hmmm, no contest :shock::lol::lol::lol::lol:

OK, I'm going before I need to hide :wink:

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we have fingerprints, egg, tomato ketchup, mud off the dog's tail, old blue-tack marks from long-gone christmas decorations, the remains of squashed moths (we had a plague a while back), spiders webs and loads of allegedly important bits of paper pinned up and post-it notes referring to long-since-past appointments that are "urgent"

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I've got a wall a lot like that too........ in the kitchen :shock::oops:


Quick edit to say;

Yeehah, mission accomplished that was my 3000th post :oops: Slightly embarrassed about all that wasted time, oh, the things I could have been doing with that time :roll: , but I was so close to the 3000 that it was worth staying and chatting just to reach it. Now I'm off to bed :wink: Night all :D:D

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Oh Clare, i wouldn't mind a freddie pic like that as well. Dunno what OH would say!


My walls have all kind of things on depending what room you're in. In the living room is a signed picture of the famous "Ooops, word censored!"nal back 4 and lots of photos of friends and family, kitchen is artwork the kids at school have done me (mostly of my dog that i take into school with me occasionally) and postcards. In the bedroom more photos and a couple of pictures of the village i live in and a snoopy poster! :D:D

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Here in my office I have a great big poster of Aragorn from Lord of The Rings,which is very lovely.

It is next to 3 hand signed pictures of Sean Bean :wink:

I am looking out for a nice Daniel Craig picture to go up too.


My bedroom is very mediterranean,so I have pictures of the ocean in there.


My living room is warm in colour & cosy,so in there I have a lovely picture of Venice which my girlfriends bought me for my birthday & a great canvas picture I just bought from Next of Autumn trees with sunlight peeking through :P


I also have samplers which I stitched myself to comemerate my daughters births :P

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