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Going away for Christmas?

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We really fancy going somewhere lovely & snowy next Christmas....anyone got any suggestions?

Near or far - just needs to be festive,cold,snowy & wonderful.


We know it won't be the same as being at home,but to be honest thats fine by us :lol:


Just suffered the annual Hubbys family get together (which I always have to organise) & we are now very keen to duck out of all family responsibility for the festive season next year 8)

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Very true Annie.

After last years meal out with the family I said never again........but time is a great healer & I found myself organising this years bash without even thinking about it :lol:


This time I mean it though- never EVER again 8)


Oh for a stress free,snowy Christmas,just with the people I want to be with



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We had an amazing Christmas a few years ago. We went to New Hampshire USA on a skiing holiday. Christmas Day all the children caught a ski lift up to the top of one of the easier intermediate runs and then they all skiied down en masse following a skiing Santa who was flinging candy canes at them :lol::lol::lol::lol:

A never to be forgotten holiday :D .

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The state motto here used to be "The greatest snow on earth". (They changed it now to something utterly forgettable) but light, fluffy, powder that you just brush off your clothes is what we get in boatloads. The mountains get the most -I think Alta has 132 inches today - but I have about a foot in my yard currently.

Looks super pretty, pine trees and bright blue sky. You have to wear sunglasses though, because the sun shines a lot - can burn your retina from the UV.

The chooks are not impressed. Their grass has disappeared & they can't even build a decent snow-chicken - powder doesnt stick together well :(

So I think you are on the right track visiting somewhere snowy for Christmas - very pretty, especially at sunrise when I let the girls out. But it sure does get old. If I never have to drive in the bloomin stuff ever again it will be just fine with me.

Maybe we should house-swap, wouldnt even need to arrange chicken-sitters! And I wouldnt need to worry about accidentally tracking dried chicken poo into the house (like I did at work one day oops! :oops: )

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How about the ice hotel in Sweden? - I'm thinking about this after a rather horrendous Christmas just gone too :!:



OH & I visited here on our way back from our New Year holiday last year.

Its a very beautiful place but very cold as the interior of the hotel is held at a constant temperature of -5. :shock:


Each bedroom is individually designed by a snow sculpter and they are totally amazing but must say i would not want to sleep there for more than 1 night. The room just contains 1 bed with a matress set in ice with a blanket & reindeer pelt. If you need the loo in the night you have to get up and go down the corridor. :shock::shock:


I will try & load up some of our pics.


Ok here you are.....


OH & I outsdie Ice Hotel - we each had on a very think pair of long johns on under our jeans, thermal vests, 2 thin top layers, 1 thick and our parkas - yep it was still cold!!! :lol::lol:




Bedroom in Ice Hotel




Chandelier in Ice Hotel


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Amazing photos,thanks :P


Funnily enough I saw a show on how this Ice Hotel was made the other night,& it was fascinating.

I know it was this particular years one,as I recongnise the bedroom with the big snowballs :lol:


We are looking into the French Alps at the moment..................

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