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Laura & CTB

What's your idea of a great day off?

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I spent the day slobbing - got up at 10am, read a magazine and some of a new paperback I'd bought whilst drinking champagne and sitting in front of the fire ( although the sunshine was also blazing through the window). Had my favourite L'occitane candles burning.


Had smoked salmon for lunch then watched a tv programme I'd recorded.


Spent and hour in the hot tub (more champagne), smothered myself in my fave aromatherapy products (Elemis) and am just about to have dinner cooked by CTB - his own recipe spag bol - my favourite.



Frankenstein (the cat) also took advantage and spent the day in front of the fire only moving when a plate of minced lamb got put in front of her nose.


The chooks also decided to take the day off - so no eggs from either of them :cry: but they spent all day rummaging around the garden creating mayhem and destruction but thoroughly enjoying themselves and after a broccoli snack went to bed tired but happy.


So.............what's your idea of a great day off?

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My idea of a perfect day off is not being accountable to anyone other than myself! Being able to wander aimlessly around the shops/park/garden centre/ house if I want..... or going for a drive with no predetermined destination and see where I end up...... just doing what my mood leads me to do! :D


(I want a day off now!)

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wow, your day sounds fab. 8)


mine would be waking up in freshly laundered sheets to a white frosty morning, blue sky and sunshine.

Out for a lovely brisk walk with the dog, along a riverbank, crunching in the leaves.....no other people to be seen except me, hubby and dog.

back to the car,....nice big cup of hot chocolate sat on picnic bench in the winter sun.

Call in to the Aston Martin garage on the way home and order my new DB9 :shock:

come home to having the house cleaned for me by someone else

watch the chickens in the sunshine

long relaxing bubble bath, then a wee afternoon nap.

early evening - put on some warm clothes, gloves, scarves and head to Stamford Bridge,....floodlights on....noisy crowd...see your breath in the air..hot cup of tea in a polystyrene cup and then watch Chelsea win !! :dance:


perfect! :lol:

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Mine's going for a blow out in my car on a lovely sunny spring day to somewhere picturesque, where we have a yummy restaurant lunch. Then home to a great dog walk and an evening in, curled up on the sofa reading a great book with a glass of red wine (or two), the doggies curled up on my feet. 8)

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Oh good thread idea Laura!


Mine would involve... a lie in, cup of tea and a good magazine, chocolate, snuggling with dog, cats and other half, going to London to watch "Ooops, word censored!"nal thrash Spurs, bacon sandwiches, seeing friends and family and probably (and this is saddest of all) browsing the Omlet forum!

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Forgetting my knee injury for a while, my day off would be......


Leave early and drive up to Buttermere, Lake District, leave bags at the Bridge Hotel and head off around Lake Buttermere and up Haystacks. A picnic lunch at the top overlooking Lake Buttermere and Crummock Water and then back down to the hotel in time for the afternoon cakes they do. Shower, dinner in the restaurant and then slob in our room reading. There is no mobile phone signal and no radio or TV................


I'll get back there one day :D

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Good choice Lesley :) . I knackered my knee years ago and managed to hobble around Buttermere - had to give Haystacks at miss that time though :) !


Mine would be similar. Cold, frosty, sunny day. Wonderful walk with hubby on the fells with the dogs, who would break the habit of a lifetime and behave themselves. Smoked salmon sandwiches at lunchtime sitting on a cairn at the top of something. Late afternoon hot chocolate with cream and flakes at George Fishers in Keswick. Meal at Masons Arms, Strawberry Bank, then home to a warm cosy lounge and a snuggle in front of the woodburner (which someone had kindly lit for us earlier). Ooooh, don't want much!

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