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Thats it - I am hibernating until summer!

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Just ventured out to the shops for the first time in over a week (gastric flu - horrible!), & a tree came down across the road,missing me in my car by feet :?

I skidded, & nearly hit it full on shock: :shock::shock:

It was huge, & has totally blocked the road both ways.


So, I turned around to go another route, & was merrily (if somewhat shakliy) driving along when my phone rang.

I pulled over, & it was Cleo who was at home with the same tummy upset I had.

There is an electricity pole in the garden & there was amassive bang,lots of blue sparks & the power went off.

She was worried as it was right by the hen pen, but they seem fine, if a little spooked! :


I am home now,shaking like a leaf at my very,very narrow miss

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just snuggle under the duvet until the weather improves :D


Funnily enough,that is exactly what we did 8)


The power failed just after I posted, & didn't come back on until 8 hours later, so Cleo & I went up to my bedroom & literally watched the trees falling all around us (we are surrounded by tall trees,luckily none near the house)


We then snuggled down in my bed & had a chat,a read & a kip until Brian came home mid afternoon.The wind was just howling by this point.

It was all pretty scarey, & I was so worried about the hens,but they seem to have survived the experience.


Eldest daughter was stranded at school for a couple of hours as the coaches couldn't get in to pick them up due to all the trees down :?


I am still shaken by my experience & now just wished I had known how nasty it was out.If I had known it was as bad as it was, I wouldn't have even attempted to go out....................

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It all brings back memories of the Winter of Discontent (for those over 40), reading by the light of tealights in jam jars and listening to battery radios for news, hurricane lanterns all round the house and gas heaters too. Repeated again after the hurrican in '87. We get power blips in Banbury, but rarely a complete blackout. Once they hit a massive gas main though and we didn't have any fuel - I lit the stove, which kept us warm, I could boil water on it for washing and I baked potatoes in it as well.

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Both freezers were fine, just resisted the urge to open them and check, and the fridge was ok for 24 hours, then bought ice bags from the supermarket and put lots of bits into cool bags.


The candles all over the house was quite nice in a way though! No tv etc, but it was ok. At least we didn't have any storm damage unlike some of you guys! Main thing is that everyone is alright! :)


But i missed you all!

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