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Three chickens in the house

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We got none of the ones dicussed and we got three!


We have a red hen the official breed I can't remember so will google. Normal basic looking chicken if you get my drift. -peggy


A silkie cross! shocked at myself as I chose this one having said no fanciness. Lovely shades of browns



And a plymouth rock -Judy


We just got back as it got dark so we've put them straight into the house

Will have to take pictures tomorrow


I skipped back down the garden

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It wasnt a rhode island red. I'll take pics tomorrow to see if you can help. Its how you picture a chicken to look when you're a kid. He said the name something complicatd and I think it began with an A but he said they're normally just called red hens as its so difficult to pronounce.

The only RIRs they had were bantams but as we wanted different ones that was no good even though I could have been tempted by a bantams but he only had the one sort.

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