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white egg layer - and white chook?

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Does anyone know of a white egg layer - that it also a white chook? OH has agreed I can have some more girls when we move - but one condition is that we have to get a white chook who lays white eggs - as he wants to call her Blanche!


I'd quite like one a girl who lays a decent number of eggs too - as my pekins are great girls - just not very productive - and buying eggs at the shops really doesn;t seem right!



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Oh,do get a White Star - our Lily is a gorgeous hen & everyones favourite :P

The eggs are lovely too, really big,pure white & with a huge yolk.


White Stars are Medowsweet hens - here is a link.

Don't be put off if the hens you see are young.They look a bit odd when they are younger, but grow into lovely looking hens!



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We're on our second Whitestar - they are lovely birds. They are a Leghorn cross though so can run very fast if they ever escape!


Meadowsweet have a new hybrid which lays white eggs - their new ones aren't on their website. If you phone an agent, they will tell you what it is called (I've forgotten) it is a Heritage ***** and looks similar to the Heritage Skyline which lays blue eggs. They both look like a Cream Legbar though - no white birds!

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My Lily has barely had a day off from laying, so I can certainly vouch for the reliability.


She can also run like the clappers,is nosey in the extreme & has a definite excess of character.

She is the favourite in my flock,if you hadn't already guessed!

This is her when she was still qite young - she now has an enormous floppy comb:D



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Our sussex star Lily was from Omlet. She is beautiful, fiesty, full of character and best of all lays a pure white egg nearly every day...I love her.

She looks like a light sussex...white with a few black tufts...and thats what her daddy was. Her mother was Rhode Island Red but you'd never know.

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My white star layed religiously throughout the year, having the occasional day off, but certainly didn't take a winter break, unlike our Sussex Star who did take a winter break (and who, like Lesleys, laid beige eggs)


White Stars are a pretty good bet, I'd say!

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