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Omlet Egg Boxes

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I don't want to boast, but is anyone else finding that they can't close the Omlet egg boxes if their hens lay large eggs? :?


I took some to our friends at the weekend, and the lid wouldn't close! Now I'm no eggspert, and I did think that 74 grammes [betty's normal egg] was a pretty decent-sized egg, but don't most 'normal' sized chickens that free-range lay this size?


Should Omlet do three sizes - small [bantam], medium and large?


I'd be interested to know what other forum members feel.

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I used up my omlet boxes long ago - which were tight with the bigger eggs - and bought a huge pack of 200 recycled standard egg boxes. Thought I'd never get through them but I'm giving away 2 or 3 boxes a week just now, as well as having plenty eggs left over for me!

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I use the Omlet boxes for Duck eggs as I only sell them 4 at a time - the def. don't close over duck eggs! :lol: I use an elastic band as well.


It's really difficult to get the top off and then to close them again, in fact the little shutter thing has ripped.


Don't worry Lesley you can have a new one back!

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Pearl is selling up all her bantams - she's moving because Terry is poorly and retiring from breeding. She's going to call me tonight and let me know what she's selling and how much she wants. I'll email you when I hear if you like.


Please do Clare! Shame about Pearl. :(


Do she have any Poland/Aracauna crosses?

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My Blanche laid a 98g egg - I'll get hubby to photograph it and put it on the forum hopefully tomorrow!


:shock: Wow, that really is some egg! Betty is now laying at a consistant 82g. I took the tip from one of the contributors and tied up the last box I gave away with some ribbon. I have to admit, I can't help explaining that I have had to do that becuase my girl is laying such stupendous eggs, but I am a bit ashamed of myself for being so proud. :oops:


I do think it might be a good niche market for Omlet to make special sized boxes [though it would need to make economic sense]. I don't wnat to have to resort to using other people's egg boxes, as I really like to advertise Omlet and how fantastic they are.

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