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Where can I get just one hen?

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I tried searching google but I got mainly poultry for human consumption - I'm not good with meat to start with but the thought of eating a pet chicken yuk! :vom:


I'll see what comes with the eglu but I'm sure i would want a third hen.... Possibly to be called Evadne after Hinge and Bracket :D

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I must say that we have had 2 speckleys (look like cuckoo marans) from Garden Poultry, 2 weeks ago. And I can honestly recommend them to any one in the area looking to buy healthy, happy hens.


Sam Greenway, used to own the company, but for what ever reason, he has sold it on to his sister and her husband. They have expanded it and stock many more breeds and hybrids. They were extremely helpful. Dont be put off by the feedback in the guestbook on their website, this is old feedback and not current.


Garden Poultry in Kingsley, is well worth a visit, if you live anywhere in the Cheshire/Greater Manchester/Lancs area.


By the way, Korma and Keema are now settling in nicely with Tikka and Bhuna!!

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Your, very welcome.


Do let us all know, when you have made the decision and the girly arrives (or even - girlies!!).


Oh, just a tip, if you do go out to visit Garden Poultry, dooooo take wellies, we slipped up there (no pun intended)! and the site is very muddy at the moment.


We now have 4 girls, living in our eglu, the maran crosses (Korma and Keema) a Ginger nut ranger (Tikka) and a pepperpot (Bhuna).


Bhundi, (pepperpot) died, just before New Year (RIP).

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Spoke to Lisa at Garden Poultry - they have 5 "breeds" available at the moment - She says that they have "Speckledy" Maran hybrids which sound like the sort I would want.


She was quite helpful on the phone - so I'll be going on Friday afternoon to choose one to go with my new girlies from Omlet.


:clap: It's really eggciting only 3 more days to wait until Eglu day. :clap:

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How exciting Jaime - I bet you are hopping about waiting for your Eglu to arrive :P

Speckledys are lovely hens - I have one & she is so pretty & has lovely glossy feathers. She came from Omlet who sometimes do others hens as well as the usuals.

Try & get some photos,so we can all have a look 8)

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Naaaah... Jomax isn't more trustworthy - it's just that I phoned the place in Leek and they said they didn't have any chooks for the next few weeks. With two recommendations how can I ignore Garden Poultry? - I just gave them a ring and Lisa was very helpful on the phone.


It was pointed out that the guestbook is old.


New problem.... Penny from Omlet phoned to say I was definately on tomorrows schedule but the weather may cause problems so I may not get my delivery :(


Hope the snow stays away from the M40/42 and the M6 !!!!!

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