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No 1 Ladies Detective Agency

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Is anyone else out there a fan of this series of books?

I am just reading the new one "Blue shoes & happiness" & it is just as charming & funny as all the others :P


I would recommend them to anyone who enjoys a good read.

They have a lovely tone to them,are not heavy & are really well written.

They are about Precious Ramotswe who has started up a Detective agency in her town in Botswana.She is pretty much untrained,but her common sense & philosophical nature help her out with the wide ranging detection works she is hired to do.You learn a bit about modern African life,which is really interesting.


I fisrt found them when I heard that Flea,the bassist from The Red Hot Chilli Pepper,s read them in the tour bus & loved them so much that he went out of his way to meet the author.


Anthony Mingella is doing some sort of adaptation either for cinema or T.V soon, so do yourselves a favour & read the books first



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