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What are you growing this season?

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Having just received my embarrassingly huge order from the Organic Gardening Catalogue i was wondering what everyone else will be growing this year? :?


I am by no means an expert by anyones measure but the following took my fancy - i did go slightly mad! :roll::oops::lol:


French Beans

Sugar Snap Peas

Little Finger Augergine





Little Gem Lettuce

Bergamo Lettuce

Onions - Stourton Globe, Long Red Florence, White Lisbon & Red Baron - i really like onions! :oops:




Wild Rocket

Alpine Strawberries

Whale Spinach


Sweetcorn - how could i not? The girls would be gutted if i didnt grow them some! :lol:

Maris Piper & Charlotte Potato


I will also attempt to grow a selection of herbs.



I just hope that some of it grows even if i just get one thing from each plant i will be ecstatic! :dance:


So what are you growing then?

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Not organised enough yet :oops:

Last year we didnt have much success. We were doing well, well having a glut in a few things then it all went to pot when I went into hospital. This year we've been looking at fllowing the small RHS plot that was shown on how to grow your own veg. Its my project this week to get the stuff sorted.

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Everything! as usual! We have to make the new beds first, we had temporary ones last season as we moved on May 1st.


I'm going to do the 'Three Sisters' thing that Carol Klein showed this week - Sweetcorn, beans and courgettes all in the same bed. The beans use the sweetcorn for support and the courgettes provide ground cover for beans and sweetcorn.


Garlic was in last November - in a temporary plot - and we need to move some more of the fruit from the house over to the farm - we've taken the fruit cage down and it needs putting back up over here.

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Our local Focus DIY store is closing down and everything was greatly reduced there yesterday. So I bought a cold frame, and several packs of seeds: tomatoes, courgettes, aubergines, salad leaves, swiss chard. I've also got quite a few seeds left over from last year, so I must try to find time this week to have a good sort through, work out what I've got and what to plant and start preparing my veggie patches for this year :D

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Lesley, I think we may have a go at the three sisters method as well, it looked really good


I have read lots of books and various articles about how to plan and what to grow, but it seems that everyone has there own methods and way of doing things, so I think I will just order seeds of our favourite veggies and just hope for the best

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Spring Onions


Swiss Chard




Curly Kale

Borlotta Beans

Runner Beans

French Climbing Beans

3 x Carrot (thanks Lesley)!:)











Phew!!! If the builder does my raised beds in time!


Going to try companion planting this year, got a new book - Carrots love tomatoes by Louise Riotte.

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I cannot believe what I have done... i bought a new magazine called Kitchen Garden which is BRILLIANT and in it was a seed catalogue. Need I say more?


I have gone abosolutely mad and have ordered so much stuff - talk about getting carried away. if everything goes well I'll be able to supply all of Bramley with fresh veg. I bought lots of the basics plus fun things like multi coloured carrots, salsify and scorenzca (sp?) as recommended by HFW, horseradish thongs, melons and cape gooseberries. Not to mention a ton of seed potatoes. I just couldn't decide on the varieties so a bought a few different ones then because i had purchased a certain number I got an extra variety free. What joy!

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Nearly finished building my raised bedding, so will be growing:

Chilli Peppers


Yellow Courgettes


Purple Cauliflower

Brussell Sprouts



Cos Lettice


Spring Onions



Mange Tout

Runner Beans

Rainbow Chard


and I think that's it for veg.


In my soft fruit patch:






Blackberrys (thanks to my hedge)


and sunflowers, marigolds, calendula, Morning Glorys, Hollyhocks and Chilean Glory Flower.



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