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We rarely play the lottery nowadays - we did when we were younger, and hardly ever won even a tenner, so gave up - but we decided to play the euromillions on Friday night, as the jackpot was an estimated £66 million, and frankly, with 3 children and an impending house move, a spare couple of million would come in handy.


Anyway, to cut a long story short, we bought 2 lines....and we WON!!!!!!!!!!


































OK, it was only £104, but hey! Better in my pocket than Camelots! :wink::D:D:D

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Congratulations! :D - I wonder what the third happy event will be?

I hope that it is 'everything going smoothly with your housemove' 8)


Now what are the chances of that??! It's still 8 weeks to go, and I'm already stressing! :lol:


I'm hoping that chookiehubbie may let me keep the whole £104 to go towards the 'Nice Things for Shona' fund that I have in the kitchen (an old coffee jar, that gets filled relgiously with all my 1ps, 2ps and 5ps) - I fancy an Omlet fleece and some windchimes!

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