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Feeling Ikky! :o(

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I feel really ikky today :(


I have been fighting a cold for what seems like months now and each time i think i have it zapped it comes back for more! :evil:


I am sat on the sofa in my PJs, socks & dressing gown, (V attractive!) got a double duvet over me, heating on and fire blazing - im still cold :cry:


I spent all yesterday morning worshipping at the porcelain altar and have done the same after returning from work at lunch time, my head feels as if it might pop off at any second and i cant sleep. :(


Anyone got any jokes to cheer me up??? :?

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Can I join you on yr sofa too? DS has currently suspected Scarlet Fever, but I don't think there is much doubt about it, myself. Dr's in an hour or so. I made some Bakewell Tarts this am, and they are delish, so can bring them as comfort food.


Twins are raging. I feel tired and achy as well. Probably going down with DS's Strep A infection, it's been years since i had a proper sore throat.


I can't bring a duvet, as I'm not allowed to use mine, so it will have to be my sleeping bag. It's a good one, though, and I have two pillows.


We all had the upchucks two weeks ago, and a general head cold between that, and i've had conjunctivitis twice and two colds in the last four weeks.


You wouldn't believe we all eat the best possible diet, and it's all organic, would you?

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Any room on that sofa? :(


I had an OK day on Saturday and the pain from the trapped nerve was bearable - yesterday it was back with a vengeance. Today, I've decided to rest - properly. I've still got the cystitis from weeks ago and impaired sense of taste from medication which I've now stopped taking.


Anyone else want a lift to the Vets? :?


I think it must have been the excitement of all the Firemen on Saturday night which started everything off again :D

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If anyone is going to be shot first im at the head of that queue! :lol:


It sounds like we are all under the weather at the minute and could do with much TLC - OH turn to cook me thinks! 8)


You know i have a 3 seater sofa and at the last count there were 4 of us on it - can one of you move to the 2 seater and the other have the chair? :?:wink::lol:


Happymama your sleeping bag is great just dont roll too close to the fire! :shock:


Mentioning fire - Lesley Firemen???? Explain please!!! :shock::shock::shock:

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That should cheer us all up Martin! :lol:


I was in too much pain to post yesterday...............


We were watching a film on Saturday night at 11pm, when we heard an almighty bang. We grabbed torches and coats and went to the end of our drive.


A car had come straight across the island, taken out a lampost and sign and spun round, 'parking' itself very neatly across the drive. Lights still on and smoke coming from the bonnet, two lads had scarpered.


One car had stopped behind it and one almost opposite and police were on their way.


Who needs to go out on a Saturday night? :wink:


One policewoman arrived followed by the firemen and after that, an ambulance!!


We chatted with all of them and swept up the glass (ah! that explains the pain on Sunday :( ) and then left the police to it as they had to wait for the breakdown truck.


We were a bit wary of our very dark 8 acres - we weren't sure where the lads had run off to :? Well, I was wary - Carl was very 'happy' by that time of night - and a bit worse for wear :roll::wink: I had to check every room when we got back in.

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I'm trying to ignore my sore throat, ear ache, aching limbs...........


Both Ollie and Charlie have had this cold bug and now they have decided to give it to me (because they love their mummy and want to share it with me :roll: )


Haven't got time to be ill.....too much to do..........off to bed soon me thinks with a cuppa and the cat.


Hope you all get better soon...........big hugs all round :D:D

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