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Guest Debs13

A bit of sympathy needed

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Yesterday on my way home, I tripped over a paving slab.


I now look like something out of a horror film (no comments Dan)as I broke the fall with my face :shock:


My top lip is six times it's normal size, I have a big gash on my chin and I have broken a tooth


I had a lovely trip to casualty in an ambulance


I now feel like I have been run over by a bus as well, as I ache all over


Only good thing is I can't eat anything (must be able to loose a few pounds) and am just drinking lemon barley water through a straw


Good job Edinburgh isn't this weekend and I hope I look a bit better by the time we all meet up, if not you'll be able to recognise me as the one with the sack over her head

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Thank you all a bit of sympathy is just what I needed, just don't make me laugh


I think I am going to sue as a lovely policeman saw what happened and has given me his details as a witness


Has anyone else sued their local council as I really don't know where to start?

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Oh Debs, that's awful


Hope you feel better soon I really do.


As for suing the local council, get someone to take pictures of the offending slab, your many injuries and approach a firm that offers win or lose no fees, these companies can get their costs back from the other party (the council) when the case is won.


Should all be through soon and possibly in time for the Mark 3 Eglu. :wink:


Hope Dan and the children are doing all they can for you


Big hugs





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Yup, get photos - try and take them with something like a 50p piece to show the scale - and measure the defect too.

Dont necessarily go for a " no win no fee" solicitor you see on the tv - contact your local ones - many of them offer the same service, but are more "user friendly".

Do get photos of your injuries - especially if you didnt go to the GP / Hospital - the photos will help determine the value of your claim.

Keep a log of any expenses, and receipts where you can - prescriptions / chemists / mileage to and from the doctor / hospital etc.



(should I be telling you all this as I am on the "other side :oops: )

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Thank for all the advice/sympathy


It was a very bizarre thing, but Dan had the day off (some friends were graduating and he was with them) and was in the building next door (it wasn't set up honestly) and they all had cameras with them. So hopefully we will have lots of photos of the offending slab.


I can't think of doing anything about it yet as I still feel too shaky and upset and don't feel like being out in public yet


Dan and the children are very good and have helped a lot. i am lucky to have them


Again thank you all very much it is nice to know someone cares :)

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Debs, so sorry to hear about your injuries. Poor you, it sounds very painful, and no wonder you're still feeling shaky.

Take it easy, I'd definitely go with the arnica for the bruising, but personally I'd have opted for wine rather than the lemon barley water :shock::oops::oops:

You've simply got to inform the council.......... someone else might go flying and if you've suffered so much injury just think of the impact on someone elderly or frail :shock: . The council need a rocket (or a legal claim) to make them sit up and maintain their pavements a bit better.

Great to hear that the family are being so supportive and caring. Good on them all :D:D:D:D

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Heck Debs! Poor you! I bet you hurt all over today, so a gentle hug from down here in Wiltshire!


Hope you are taking it nice and easy, with lots of warm baths and sloppy foods.


I've just made some spinach, nutmeg and cream soup. Would you like me to send you some?


Tell Dan, Harry and Jules to take extra special care of you.



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