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There was a post ages & ages ago about them being really cheap somewhere - I think Buffie posted it,but I am not sure :?

I will have a look


EDIT - Found it




But it looks like they have now revised their P&P as it is now over £18 for 2,inc P&P :roll:


Shame Omlet don't do them,then at least we could add more goodies from the shop to the order.................

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Cinnamon, thats great thanks - they are still cheaper than DFT - they want £23 for 2 incl p&p.


I only give them to the girls when we go away overnight and they cant come out from their run - make me feel less guilty about leaving them as they do adore pecking away at them.

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My chooks mustn't like them cos they've not touched a one.


Im sure as eggs is eggs AnnieP posted something ages and ages ago about her chooks not liking hers but they did after it had been rained on to softed it up :?


Try dipping it in water for a little while and see if that makes any difference

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I also drink alcohol for those who have given it up for Lent and eat chocolate for those who are trying to lose weight :wink:


:roll: You are all heart Mel! :wink::lol:


my 3 just looked at the peckablock, but then I broke a few seeds off and they were away!!! I only put it in the run when we are both away with work and it seems to keep them occupied for a couple of days. It is expensive, but lasts for ages! The small pet shop ones only last 10 mins. :roll::roll:

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I've bought these for my chooks from Henfield Poultry who I think has now changed its name to "for animals", they were the cheapest but haven't bought any for ages so not up to date with prices.

Anyway, if chooks don't eat them - definately give them a soak! Mine used to munch away like mad but then stopped.

I read on here some time ago about soaking them and I did that and they soon started munching again.

I think it depends if you get some really dry solid ones that are a bit tough to start with.

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