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Big egg, think Trinny's a turkey chicken cross!

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She seems unfazed by the experience. I hope she doesn't lay a bigger one, it worries me, I kept thinking she'll never top the last one :o

Her eggs never quite fit in the eggbox, even if "small."

Katy's are about half the weight at around 73g, and Abbie's about 50-60g :lol:


It feels heavy, could it be the antibiotics she was on :?

Can't eat it but will crack open as usually big ones are a single-yolker :? Interesting to find out.....

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Not quite as good as 139g, but Trinny laid a 137g egg yesterday, :shock: and we can eat it although it won't fit in a box wth the other eggs :roll: Bizaarly she laid it in the garden while we were watching as Katy was on the nest.

Today she has quite a hard crop and was a little hunchy :roll: so I stood her on the eglu run and massaged her crop for about 5 minutes and she laid a soft egg down the side of the eglu :o


Maybe she realises we've seen her lay 2 soft eggs when she was poorly and there's no point hiding her modesty anymore :lol:

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