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spring cleaning

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Had a peep at our gingernut whilst she was in the eglu this morning and noticed she was picking up bits of hemcore and flinging them over her shoulder. Is this significant or was she just tidying her bedroom? She was also sitting on the nest for a while but there was no egg (she hasn't laid a decent egg in ages). She definitely seems to be getting ready for something.




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All I can add is that I saw my original omlet girls do this at about the time they came into lay. Can't really remember the two I added in November doing this but maybe because Ella was very terratorial about 'her' nest box so a case of quickly in, do the job and out again before bad Ella chased them out again :roll:


So my vote is for your gingernut coming back into lay - but then again I'm no expert :)


Hope this is the reason and she lays you an egg soon.



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Maybe it depends on the chicken? In the wild laying and broodiness would go together wouldn't they, so maybe there's a hint of broodiness in most chickens. 3 of mine go in and lay, do the job and get out again, but Bella will happily sit on anyones eggs as long as they're in the nest box. And she likes to make the bed (seems to make more mess than tidy though :roll: ). As soon as the eggs are removed she trots off again. 8)

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:lol: Just to add, it's either! Yes, it is classic egg laying behaviour, but, it is also classic broody behaviour!


Time will tell. It sounds promising that she is preparing a nest for laying eggs.

But, if anyone has a hen who persistantly does this, then won't come off the nest (but allow at least an hour or so for laying before jumping to conclusions), perhaps puffs up in the nestbox & barks if you touch her, then she's going broody. Then is the time to read up about whether you want to take action.


Meanwhile, do let us know if she lays! :D

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