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Horrible experience

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This morning our neighbours (who we share a path with) had a visitor who brought her dog and no lead. The dog was curious about our chooks on the way in - I heard their panic calls - but on the way out it really went for them.


Luckily they were physically safe inside their run, but of course they were completely terrified. The dog - a chunky strong little thing - ran from one side of the eglu to the other, as our poor chooks ran clucking to the furthest point trying to avoid it. And so they went on, backwards and forwards, for about 5 terrifying minutes. Of course the chooks didn't run inside the eglu, which would have meant I could have closed the door and ended the whole ugly episode :roll:


The woman was extremely ineffective at controlling the dog, just saying 'come here big boy' 'I've got a treat for you little man' etc. I grabbed hold of it a couple of times, which wasn't easy as it had no collar and I didn't know if it might bite me.


Finally she lifted it up (it was quite big for her) and I told her not to put it down until she was outside the gate (which I went to open for her, still in my PJs, slippers, etc :oops: )


Afterwards, I spoke to our neighbour, who told me the visitor was 8 months pregnant. I had no idea of this at the time, but it did explain her lack of dynamism in catching her dog, and didnt make me feel any better. I'd instructed her to carry this hefty dog the length of our garden! Don't think it excuses her for the lack of a collar & lead though: all the more reason to have had them.


Sorry for this long rant, but I just needed to tell people who'd understand. And sorry not to have been around much recently: final (and also terrifying) semester at uni. :(

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Poor chooks! Its not funny is it? I would let your neighbour know politely that you would expect people who bring dogs onto the shared path to have them on leads! Hardly unreasonable is it?



I do hope your girls (and you) aren't too upset by the event.

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Thanks folks - I hope they're OK too. They've lived a fairly sheltered life so far - not really used to dogs.


They got quite spooked last week by what appeared to have been a cat vomiting outside the gate :shock: - went right off their food and stopped laying! :roll:


No eggs today of course. Have given them porridge with rescue remedy in it, so hopefully they'll feel better tomorrow.

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Doesnt the rescue remedy turn the porridge a funny colour????

No - I don't think it did! They wolfed it down OK anyway!


They seem OK today - thanks folks! Did spend a higher than usual proportion of their free ranging time sitting on the window cill though! Got 1 big & rather crinkly egg from Matilda, nothing from Maisy, but that's not unusual at the moment. So no lasting harm done, I think.


Didn't occur to me till later though how disasterous it could all have been if they'd been out free-ranging at the time. I'm thinking that I should speak to our neighbour about visitors and dogs in general. Quite scary.


Didn't know about dogs & collars - thanks for that. Makes sense.

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I'd speak to her, Kannie.......she would feel pretty dreadful if it were to happen again. You are entitled to feel that even though you have a shared access, that she wouldn't allow her guests, canine or otherwise to trespass on your property.


Tell her that hens have quite a slender hold on life and shocks can really do for them. She might not realise this....I didn't before I had hens.


Plus, if you or yours were bitten when trying to rescue your hens from her visitors dog, then the fall out could be very difficult for her and the dog owner.


Good luck.

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You weren't to know she was pregnant, but no excuse anyway. If theoretically it had been a dangerous dog and attacked a person it wouldn't be excusable.She could have not carried it or explained.

Poor little chickies :(

The cat vomiting and putting them off did make me laugh though :oops:


P.S. good luck with your course.

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Have the super soaker primed in case she comes back.


I would aim it at her,not the dog :lol:

What a Muppet - all dogs should be on a lead & have a collar :roll:


my sentiments exactly. No excuse for not having ANY dog on a lead or without a collar, :evil::evil: some dog owners make me so angry....If an unleashed dog bites a child or another dog - then it always gets blamed on the dog and not the stupid owner. ALL dog owners have a reponsibility!!


Hope your chickens are ok, bless them - it must have stressed them right out.

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